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Simply lately I’ve really been hankering after getting some correct hair extensions again. I first had hair extensions in about 10 years ago earlier than they have been really fashionable and readily available in every single place like they at the moment are and so they were ridiculously expensive, just one salon in city did them (I had them woven in) and those I had weren’t overly long. As a kid I had actually thick hair but from using bleach on my hair and fairly a little bit of heat styling over time it is bought fairly a bit thinner which is disappointing, my Mam has acquired actually thick hair still!

I then discovered one other lady who lived near me who would weave extensions in when you offered the hair. I went a bit ridiculous and wore 24 inch ones for a few years! It was expensive, time consuming there was plenty of upkeep and i shed extra hair than an alsatian. This is the stuff I inform myself every time I get the urge to get extensions put in correctly.

Following on from that I used to wear clip ins quite a bit, primarily on nights out and for special occasions. I like that extensions are approach simpler to get hold of now. I determined that moderately than buying some really costly extensions that I might hardly put on that I would go low finances and in the event that they weren’t right I hadn’t wasted some huge cash.

So I found these on Ebay, they’re synthetic but do a really wide range of colours (vital to me as I have so many different blondes in my hair now), are available wavy or straight and are all on one single clip in. The ones I acquired had been trio blonde/wavy/24 inches which was a bit longer than I needed as I really only needed them for volume so I trimmed about 4 inches off the bottom of them. It made them look a bit better as with out the trim they regarded a bit straggly and artificial.


For £6.99 these are actually ok and positively wearable for the odd night out, they don’t look too shiny either and for synthetic extensions the colour is actually good – not too Barbie blonde. They’re really easy to put in as well as there’s only one row of clips. They have not fairly received rid of my urges to go and get a great deal of hair both woven or put in with micro-rings however they’ve calmed me down for now.

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