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Repairing American Girl Dolls

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Repairing American Girl Dolls
Updated on Might 14, 2014 VictoriaHolt moreContact Author Do I should ship my American Girl doll to the American Woman Hospital
In a phrase, no! Keep studying to discover some easy treatments for fixing up your lovely doll with out spending an arm and a leg..to fix that arm or leg! Granted, some things cannot be fastened at residence, similar to pet bites, burns or cuts to the doll vinyl. However, I’ve discovered some nice tricks that can restore the doll to nearly new radiance. Better of all, you solely want frequent household objects and some time. It’s rewarding to go from “Scary Mary” to Candy Sue as soon as you’ve dolled up your American Lady! Make certain and browse all the way in which down the web page so you do not miss any ideas!

It’s best to know, nonetheless, that the hospital takes nice care of your American Girl doll. Most likely the biggest disadvantage to utilizing the hospital moreover the associated fee, is having to wait to see your treasure again! See if the following pointers can’t assist you out and forestall you from spending time away out of your beloved good friend.

My doll’s hair is a tangled mess!
How do I repair it
All dolls can get beloved to the point of scary hair. When your doll’s hair is so tangled you cannot get a brush or comb by it to repair it, it is time to pull out the massive guns. A girlfriend shared this tip with me, and you may not imagine it. Hair conditioner! Undress your doll, and utilizing a dry towel to guard her cloth physique and yourself, rinse her hair to ‘just wet’ below the sink. Use a large dollop of your favourite conditioner, and therapeutic massage all around the doll’s synthetic hair. Utilizing a wide-tooth comb or vent brush, comb out hair whereas the conditioner continues to be in. This takes endurance and some time; if you happen to pull too hard, you would possibly uproot among the doll’s hair, and it won’t grow back! Upon getting combed out the most important tangles, then rinse the conditioner out. Use the towel to absorb extra water, and proceed combing out your doll’s hair. I additionally used my hair dryer to dry the hair extra quickly. The conditioner makes the hair heavier, so if the doll had poofs, you will have to tease them back up. You will be pleasantly shocked to see your doll’s hair rather more manageable now.

That is the sort of stuff I used to repair up the dolls – Cleansing Up Your Dolls
Some helpful items to get your doll back to her previous self. Treat her to a new pair of jammies after her Spa day!

Doll Hairbrush for 18″ Dolls Like American Girl and Carpatina, Christmas Present,Any size hairbrush will work.

Purchase Now My Daughter Tried to place Nail Polish on Her American Girl Doll!
What do I do
Use nail polish remover to take away undesirable nail polish in your doll’s vinyl pores and skin. Merely get a cotton swab and a bottle of normal nail polish remover. I examined it on a hidden spot to verify it wouldn’t discolor the pores and skin. Using the swab, I gently rubbed the spots of nail polish off of the doll. She had marks on her face, arms and legs. (Do not ask.) For the most part, the shiny fuchsia polish got here solely off. There was a trace of pink left on the doll’s chin, nevertheless it was barely noticeable. You will be very pleased with the outcomes of your newer trying doll. Simply put the nail polish on a better shelf, okay

Though some doll homeowners really put nail polish on their dolls’ nails on objective, to costume them up. I would not have expertise to know if long term nail polish use and nail polish remover damages the vinyl pores 5 min hairstyles for school and skin or not. Comment below in case you find out about this!

Nail Polish Remover – Simply ensure to test a hidden area first!
I haven’t seen skin discoloration when i’ve used nail polish remover, but I’d examine just to make sure.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover, Strengthening – 8 ozJust your fundamental polish remover..
Purchase Now Q-suggestions Cotton Swabs, 170 ct..and some cotton swabs should do the trick.

Buy Now My Doll’s Skin is absolutely Dirty and Marked Up
What do I do
If you have not already found the brand new household cleaner that is known as an Eraser..that you must get out extra. I picked up the drug store brand of this “erasing sponge” with the intention of cleansing up two American Lady dolls. Again, I tested it on a hidden spot first. I wet the sponge and wrung out the surplus water. Then I stroked downward on the legs and arms of the dolls. The sponge instantly collected icky grayish brownish dirt! Scuff marks and ground in dirt from years of play got here off with solely a couple strokes. I used a clean rag to wipe away the soiled water that ran down the doll limbs. Using the corner of the sponge, I obtained 5 min hairstyles for school into the crevices of the ears, mouths and toes. I wiped them dry with the clean rag. Using the erasing sponge restored the dolls’ pores and skin to like new. You must strive the sponge to wash other old toys and dolls too; it works great and children are excited to see their little ponies or dollies or folks wanting like new.

You Need This Mister – You will not Consider How New Her Pores and skin Looks Now!
A damp Magic Eraser lifts scuffs, crayon, some pen, and mud and dirt. It actually does an incredible job.

Before and After Photographs!
I offered to scrub up the neighbor girls’ dolls.
I didn’t know what I used to be in for! I didn’t understand their limbs were fully OFF! But I told them I might see what I could do. I thought I might at the very least repair their hair and clean up the final dirtiness and dinginess of those nicely-loved dolls. Once I cleaned up their hair, conditioned it, and combed it out nice, then I used the Magic Eraser to clean off the grime. Then I took a deep breath and tried to figure out how in the world I used to be going to get these limbs back on!

I had to examine the arm and leg sockets. There is a metal clip that holds the ends of the doll string in place. In the entire circumstances, that metallic clip had broken off. In one case, I was in a position to pull the doll string by the plastic joint gap, tie a great knot in it, and voila! Her leg was back in. Not as good as earlier than..but now she will be able to no less than wear pants. The arms were a very different story. The doll string had frayed and damaged. Knotting was not going to be an option. I searched my home for things I might use to strive to fix these dolls. Good old rubber bands came to the rescue. Now, professional doll-stringers would by no means use rubber bands. They degrade, and the repair is simply non permanent. However for a favor, I figured it would do. I used rubber bands by winding them around some plastic parts that type of appear to be dumb bells. That would keep the rubber band on, and stop it from slipping through the plastic joint gap. The arms snapped again into place and had been good as new. I did want to use needle nostril pliers to get the plastic joints out of the arm sockets, and to put them again in. If this makes any sense at all, and that i hope it does, then you’ll be capable to change American Woman doll arms too! Good luck.

Do Your AG Dolls Look Liked
These Gals Bought a Lotta Love
A simple conditioning and brush-by will make these ladies look much more presentable. In case your doll’s limb comes off, keep everything you will discover, and examine the innards to see how they’re put together. Then search your own home for gadgets that can work to get your limb back collectively.

My dd has discovered many on-line websites that educate DIY sewing for AG outfits. Most of them reuse the sleeves from little one-dimension clothes or different skirts and dresses to sew right down to AG dimension. Other websites have free printable patterns for T-shirts or swimsuits. Look around and find ways to gown up your doll.

Items to make use of to fix Up Your Well-Loved Doll – Take a walk through your own home and find..

Rubber bands, heavy responsibility like from the newspaper
Inch lengthy bolt or plastic rod, ideally with bulbous ends

Needle-nose pliers
Quilt batting or pillow stuffing

Nylon rope or twine, not more than 1/4 inch thick and at the very least 4 inches long or longer
I discovered This on YouTube – This Lady Remade Molly; She’s Gorgeous!
Here is a series of images that exhibits the transformation of a effectively-loved doll to a brand new glamorous beauty!

This is so inspiring. Makes me want to buy an older doll simply to make her up!
Find the Suavetel – So Your Older Doll May be Candy Smelling Again!
Suavitel 139107 Area Flower Fabric Softener, a hundred and fifty oz BottleYou only want a tiny bit to freshen up your doll.

Purchase Now Discover a Used American Woman Doll – And produce Her Again to Life with your Newfound Tricks!
There’s nothing just like the feeling of restoring an older doll to her former glory! While you transform your doll from a messy ragamuffin with Scary Hair to a glowing beauty, you will have an incredible sense of accomplishment.

Your doll seems and feels brand new, and you are feeling like you did something actually worthwhile. Take any previous dolls or toys around the home, clean them up, polish and shine, freshen in the laundry, and see if they do not make your whole home feel brisker and cleaner!

Restringing Kit – This can assist you get those limbs again in form
Consider it or not, you do not have to be an expert to repair your doll.

Washing Hair Tutorial from YouTube
She’ll show you the right way to do it right
Doll of the Year 2013 – Time is Running Out!
Yearly, American Girl comes out with a beautiful doll that has a story and a novel imaginative and prescient of what it means to be an American Girl. This yr the Lady is Saige. She’s befreckled with a protracted lovely braid, and her passion is artwork! She brings the Southwest to life.

AG retires their dolls, and then it becomes tremendous troublesome to get your arms on the one which caught your eye. Don’t let Saige get away from you!

American Lady of 2013 Saige Doll height:75px” class=”thumbphoto”>IllinoisThe American Girl Doll Retailer in Chicago
by Stephanie Hicks24

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sendingJacqueline three years ago
I wish to caution towards using a Magic Eraser on your American Girl doll.

The reason MEs work so properly is that they’re primarily cleaning agent-soaked blocks of very, very wonderful sandpaper! (A few of you might have experienced the way in which they appear to “crumble” when you’ve used the Eraser down to a thin layer. The final consensus amongst severe restorers is that Twin Pines of Maine makes the best (and most fairly priced) merchandise for doll hair, pores and skin, and clothes (both for maintenance and for serious stains or marks).

Moreover, regardless of whether or not anybody decides to make use of human shampoo (not really helpful), or situation with wig merchandise (decent resolution), and even to do a Downy Dunk (dire cases solely!) to rescue their doll’s hair, PLEASE, as a lover of AG dolls, by no means get your Dolly’s head near water with out taping (first-help cloth tape is finest) cotton balls over her closed eyes, then wrapping her face with Saran Wrap (or a towel). Any amount of water in an American Girl’s eyes is a fast path towards early degradation.

Considered one of the explanations to bother being so meticulous is to avoid the Doll Hospital at all prices! Now, chances are you’ll not thoughts if you already have a Mattel American Lady, however when you’ve got a PM/Pleasant Firm doll, sending her to the DH will likely be a sad day certainly–any problems in the pinnacle (wig, eyes, etc.) will likely be corrected by giving the doll a completely new head. Your PM collectible will likely be returned, for all intents and functions, as a Mattel doll (with the neck stamp to prove it).

icegirl 3 years in the past
Does anybody have any expertise in removing the freckles on the AG dolls. My daughter is 5 and wants a glance a like doll and the only one I discovered that comes close has freckles and she doesn’t. I would like to take away them if potential earlier than giving it to her. Any data greatly appreciated!

Elisha three years in the past
I can’t discover the reply to why some of my 1995 Pleasant Company glass eye mini dolls odor like crayon. They haven’t been in contact with crayons and the odor is all over and will get worse with time. What does it imply Can the odor spread to other dolls Are you aware of a remedy Any assist could be great. Thanks

AuthorVictoriaHolt four years in the past
@anonymous: That’s tremendous nice of you to say! I’m glad that little trick labored on your previous dolls. Generally I’m tempted to go to the thrift retailer and take a Magic Eraser with me..then clear up all the old dolls and toys there!

Thanks sooo much! I thought I would should throw my Trolley Dolls away because they are rare however would want a head change meant. You trick labored like cleaning soap on my filthy little brother! Thanks once more. Your Superior and will own your individual web site!!!

@nameless: Effectively, yes. In case your saying just a pencil eraser, that’s not what u needs to be using. Try to be utilizing a “magic eraser” which is nearly like a sponge.

@VictoriaHolt: i tried an earaser four my doll is there a specail one i need to make use of
AuthorVictoriaHolt 5 years ago

@nameless: Hi! No, you should utilize a ‘magic eraser’ that you have used on partitions or no matter. You may get a bit residual grime, but you may wipe that off with a clean damp cloth. Good luck!

does theearser have 2 be new
AuthorVictoriaHolt 6 years in the past

@malen75: Thanks for the clothes tip!
malen75 6 years ago

Wow, I by no means thought of magic eraser.i should strive it later as my daughter’s AG doll has black stains on considered one of her legs and i can not take away it.

Also, If you’d like low-cost 18 inch doll clothes, you can buy them at amazon moderately than the ag webpage.

Miss_Organic 7 years in the past
I use a magic eraser on my daughter’s dolls. Gotta love those issues! So many makes use of. I have additionally used Oxy10 on ink stains. Works like a charm when uncovered to sunlight.

Gamganny 7 years ago

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Haven’t got dolls, have boys!! Nice lens and information about repairing american lady dolls