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Eleven Truths To Know Earlier than Getting Eyelash Extensions

In lots of ways, eyelash extensions appear just like the holy grail black hairstyles for the summer of lash enhancement— in any case, they’re a surefire method of taking regular lashes to Twiggy-esque Betty Boop levels of fabulosity, proper They can help you eschew the every day drama of mascara (mascara elimination is never fun, not even with the best of mascara and makeup remover formulation), and as soon as they’re in, they’re in, making them pretty low maintenance. They can be costly, yes, but they’re additionally lengthy-lasting — so many consider them worth the initial funding.

All in all, they’re a pleasant method to shorten your day by day make-up routine, and add a bit low-upkeep drama to your everyday countenance. They vary in fashion from delicate to fierce, and are available on — they’re all however clinically confirmed to spice up your confidence. It’s not all wine and roses, although: Along with their priciness, lash extensions have a number of drawbacks — they will damage your real eyelashes, and cause infections. With that in thoughts, there’s more to the lash extension dedication than you will have initially thought — so, let’s undergo a number of of the things you have to know before making the choice to get lash extensions.

1. They’re Like Falsies Without the Hassle
Instead of fiddling round with lash glue and falsies, you can get the dramatic look with a one-time software. Granted, stated application can (ballpark) last wherever from one to 3 hours — but at the very least it’s more stress-free than gluing the strip lash too excessive on your eyelid and being pressured to rip it off, right

2. They may Change Your Make-up Routine
They give the impression of being darned fabulous, but you might need to change your common routine to accommodate your new lashes. In line with Byrdie, there are a number of products you’ll must nix, together with tubing mascaras (it sticks to falsies more than regular lashes), pencil eyeliners (they can cause the lashes to tangle with each other), and oil-based mostly cleansers (the oil can break down the glue).

3. Your Results Depend upon What You are Working With
If you are starting out with fine, sparse lashes, it’s unlikely you will be in a position to succeed in Beyonce-levels of lash drama (sadly). Since the extensions are hooked up to your actual lashes, it is important to keep in mind that they’ll solely carry so much weight, and you do not need to overload them.

4. They Last Around 6-to-eight Weeks
With proper care, lash extensions can final up to 2 months — and when you invest in the total set, you will get touch-ups (that are less costly than the preliminary application) as needed.

5. They come In numerous Materials
Depending on your preferences, you may usually either choose extensions made from silk, mink (Beyonce wears mink, in case you were questioning), or synthetic mink. All have their respective pros and cons, so it actually comes right down to private preference!

6. Improper Utility Can Result in Lash Loss
It could also be tempting to DIY your personal lash extensions (it is so much cheaper!), but as with something, you’ll must train warning. Even in salons, an skilled technician can botch a job, so be certain to analysis your salon beforehand.

Moreover, the British School of Optometrists warned that “Repeated use of eyelash extensions could cause traction alopecia, a condition where the hair falls out attributable to excessive tension positioned on the hair shaft” — so it might be greatest to present your lashes a break between extension sets. Additionally, if you happen to happen to spring for the extensions, ensure to be extra careful about rubbing your eyes, as this can also uproot them.

7. Search Medical Consideration if you happen to Get One Caught in Your Eye
A reporter at Allure once revealed that she had a pal who received an eyelash extension embedded within the whites of her eye, and wanted to get it lower out by clip a physician. Do with that data what you’ll.

8. Beware of Allergies
As if that final anecdote wasn’t scary sufficient, there are additionally allergies to consider: There could also be some materials (both within the lashes themselves, or the glue) you could also be delicate to — Kristin Chenoweth once famously appeared on The Late Show carrying shades, because of a nasty allergic response to the formaldehyde in her lash adhesive.

9. Keep Them Really Clean
When wearing extensions, it can be tempting to scale again in your cleansing routine — after all, the less your eyes come involved with cleaning soap and water, the longer they’ll stick around. That said, ophthalmologist Dr. Daniel Durrie warned CBS viewers not to be cavalier with their clear-up: “People just do not clear their eyes rather well, as a result of they don’t wish to mess up their lashes. Then they get buildup of of issues that may get infections.” He suggested customers to make the most of a gentle cleanser, like diluted baby shampoo, and cautioned towards eye infection warning signs reminiscent of swelling, itching, and irritation. Extensions have been recognized to trigger conjunctivitis and keratitis (infections in the conjunctivia and cornea, respectively), so positively exercise caution.

10. Find a top quality Salon
Alongside those strains, it is necessary to be careful when deciding on your salon — you want to verify they’re working underneath specific standards, to lessen your probability of infection. There is no method around it, lash extensions are expensive — so if it looks as if a deal that is too good to be true, it simply may be.

11. They’re Nonetheless Fabulous

Even with all the cautionary tales listed above, they’re still fairly darn fab (and fun!). So, you do you — so long as you’re cautious, the risks must be pretty minimal, and they’re a terrific technique to get these doe eyes you’ve always coveted.

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