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He Checked out Me And Looked Once more

My hair is below shoulder-length and I am fortunate at my age to still have a full head of hair. I often wear it in a pony-tail. I have been growing it once more as a cancer donation (they make wigs of it) and will donate if it’s not too gray. After i wash my hair it takes over an hour to dry and that i bundle hair near me often half it in the center and brush out the sides allowing them to air-dry.

This morning I left the house as ordinary and put my sunglasses on, the sun is at that angle in the morning that it’s important. I used to be driving on the four-lane highway to work once i noticed there was a decide-up truck one lane over with a guy in the passenger’s seat. He looked at me and looked once more, this time with a smile; I smiled again and noticed that he waved as they drove off. I really feel that I passed as a girl with no makeup-on (of course, I was going to work) dressed in an androgynous shirt. Trying in the mirror I may understand. This guy’s look was not one in every of disgust or mean-spirited, rather, it was a pleasurable look. Mind you, I’m not into choosing up guys and even fascinated, but nonetheless, it was nice to be seen in a positive (for me) method.

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