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Clip-In Hair Extensions Tutorial & FAQs |

I am SO excited to be sharing this clip-in hair extensions tutorial and FAQs with y’all in the present day!
I used to own clip-in extensions in faculty back when my hair was all brown and completely loved them! However then I step by step began switching over a more blonde shade, and that i might no longer wear those extensions (sad day). I procrastinated discovering another set of extensions primarily because I have fairly lengthy and thick hair anyway, but the other week I saw a picture of my hair from faculty and thought, “Oh my gosh – I loved my hair a lot!” So, I decided to cease waiting around and actually seek for some, which has led me to this post!

Beneath is a earlier than and after picture so you’ll be able to see the difference! Do I have long, full hair usually Yep. However the extensions add a bit extra fullness and life to my look and that i just find it irresistible. So, ethical of the story: Extensions can be worn on gals with shorter, thinner hair and on gals with longer, fuller hair. (i.e. everyone!)

PS, for the tutorial on the best way to get these waves to begin off with, take a look at my Curling Wand Hair Tutorial!)

|| Clip-In Hair Extensions FAQs ||
Q: Which hair extensions do you advocate

After numerous looking out, I landed on Luxy hair extensions. Why They were excessive-high quality and affordably priced! Back in school, I bought mine from a magnificence store for round $50 and thought I was the neatest particular person for finding such moderately priced extensions. However, they smelled quite unusual (bizarre information, I know) and didn’t hold curl really well. This doesn’t happen with my Luxies!

Q: How do I select the appropriate shade Can they be dyed
I’m fairly “in-tune” with my hair color, so I knew that the ends of my hair are ash blonde, so that’s what I ordered. But when you’re not sure about your shade, there’s a useful little vide at the underside of the shade choice web page on Luxy’s site.

You’ll discover, though, that my hair isn’t entirely ash blonde – I’ve got the ombre look happening. What’s great is that Luxy truly provides ombre colored extensions! However, I was just a little nervous about them not matching my hair 100%, so I took them with me the newest time I went to see my stylist so she could colour them the same as my actual hair! (Which, PS: Shout out to my stylist Frances for being so amazing! No one has ever coloured my hair this beautifully before! Check out her work and her webpage!)

Q: How do I curl my hair extensions
There are two options: 1) You should utilize a hanger to hold them as you curl. I do this after i initially curl them for the first time or every few months once they need a curl refresh!

Or 2) You can merely clip them in and elegance them alongside with your normal hair. Once I curl them on the hanger, I can often get away with not curling them once more for several extra makes use of because they hold curl really well. If they need a refresh, I can usually simply curl them once they’re clipped in and solely actually use the hanger method each few months (however I suppose it is dependent upon how usually you wear yours!).

Q: Can I wash my extensions How usually
Yes, however, it’s really useful that you simply not do it too usually. As a result of the hair extensions aren’t truly attached to your head, they’re not receiving the same pure oils that your regular hair does, in order that they don’t need to be washed as ceaselessly. I might recommend solely washing them once they completely need it! (Amount of time will differ based mostly on how ceaselessly you wear yours!)

If you do wash them, my stylist stated to solely use sulfate-free shampoos and an ideal moisturizing conditioner!

Q: The place do I clip in my extensions
I’ve created a useful graphic beneath. My Luxies came with two 4-clip items (crimson), two 3-clip pieces (inexperienced), two 2-clip pieces (blue), and four 1-clip pieces. I’ll explain this process/placing somewhat more in more detail in the tutorial as nicely, but my basic rule of thumb is that this: Start with the longest pieces as low down on your scalp as doable, then work your means up using the smaller items. The single clips are nice once you have the other pieces in place to fill in spaces framing your face where you want just a little more size!

|| Clip-In Hair Extensions Tutorial ||
STEP 1 || Half your hair as low down as possible and clip the rest up on top of your head. Looking at this photo, I in all probability could’ve even gone a bit farther down on my head, however it all labored out in the long run, so I guess it’s superb! However word: in case your hair is thiner/finer, start as low down as potential because you’ll rapidly run out of hair to clip your extensions to! (My hair is thick, so I’m good).

STEP 2 || Clip within the longest piece. For most extensions, that is your 4-clip piece. Be sure cheap hair extensions australia you clip it as near the roots as attainable and that they really feel secure as a result of it’s such a trouble to look through your hair afterwards to find the unfastened clip!

Step 3 || Repeat steps 1 and 2, shifting slightly larger in your scalp.
Step four || Part off more hair larger on your scalp and clip in the 3-clip piece on the fitting facet of your head, then the opposite 3-clip piece on the left aspect.

Step 5 || Repeat step 4, moving barely greater in your scalp and clipping in both of the 2-clip pieces (one on the appropriate and one on the left).

Step 6 || Carry the front sections of your hair that frame your face and clip in the 1-clip pieces. Guantee that there’s nonetheless enough of your pure hair to cowl all of it!

Step 7 || As a result of there will probably be pieces of your natural hair and/or extensions that aren’t fairly proper, use your curling iron to repair the frustrating items.

And viola!
|| Purchasing Your own Extensions ||

If you’ve been on the fence about extensions, I’m hoping this clip-in hair extensions tutorial helped push you in the fitting course!

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