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White Hair • How Do I Tell If My Extensions Are A Synthetic.

How do I tell if my extensions are a synthetic mix
Its far more frequent than you’d think but consumers claiming to be selling 100% human remy hair mixes are often truly selling an actual/artificial mix. Most of the time a buyer wont notice and there will likely be just enough actual hair in the combo for the hair to be able to be barely lightened or dyed.

The issue with real/Artificial mixes is that the hair has a a lot shorter life, tangles more readily, and can usually look tacky.

I not too long ago purchased some extensions from a seller (who will remain nameless as they had been extremely useful in rectifying the problem and I might certainly purchase from them again) that were not 100% human hair as was claimed but fairly an actual/artificial combine. I thought this could be an exquisite alternative to show how you can establish these mixes as opposed to 100% human hair. Its not onerous however you get better at it the extra you buy and handle extensions.

The most typical technique of identifying fake strand is the ‘burn test’. Synthetic strands do not burn in the same way that human hair does. When you burm human hair it sort of fizzles up and ashes. Once you burn artificial hair it burns very cleanly, does not ash and it a lot harder to ignite.

Above are the extensions. They were in color #60 which is often very white, nevertheless on account of the character of the real/synthetic mix they had been quite dirty and regarded far more in the direction of the #613 shade. Usually (and since we are all right here for white blonde hair!) #613 needs to be lightened with a gentle bleach to convey up to white, nonetheless #60 ought to only need a very good wash with some violet or blue shampoo to bring it to the correct tone.

Within the above photographs you possibly can VERY clearly see the artificial strands. Artificial hair appears unnatural as a result of it’s plastic, lacks the pure ridges and imperfections that normal hair has in addition to reflecting gentle differently. Because of this the artificial strands are unnaturally shiny towards the true hair blended in with it. It is also a barely lighter tone than the pure hair which on this case is especially low quality.

In the above photograph you can see simply how unhealthy the standard of the true hair is, and the wefts are littered with darkish brown and even black strands. Actually, the artificial hair is the one part of the weft that is the correct tone of #60.

So lets place this synthetic/actual mix beside another mix with a much higher proportion of actual hair.

Can you see the difference
Brazilian Virgin Straight Hair 4x4 Three Part Lace Top Closures 8-20 Inch Natural BlackWith 100% remy hair, the cuticle is positioned so that every one strands are the identical ‘way up’. Naturally this is how hair is and it stops it from tangling among different things. When a mix has a very high fake strand depend you will also discover that the hair will fall out of the weft in clumps of faux hair. Taking a look at the guidelines of this hair makes it quite obvious that it is infact plastic.

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