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The way to Curl Your Hair With Straighteners / Hair Extensions Weblog

Thought hair straighteners solely had one objective Then think again! Not solely are these useful styling instruments perfect for creating easy and sleek kinds, they’ve also obtained one other hidden talent: curling! There’s a knack to curling your hair with straighteners, although, so at this time we thought we might let you all in on how to use your flat irons to get two fairly styles – unfastened waves and mattress head waves!

Learn how to Curl Your Hair with Straighteners: Unfastened Waves

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Unfastened waves are a extremely lovely, relaxed look that’s excellent for this time of year, and it’s completely possible to get the look with straighteners – so here’s the way you do it…

– To curl your hair into loose waves utilizing your straighteners, take a section of hair and clamp your straighteners round it about two inches away from your scalp.
– Twist your flat iron round one full rotation, and proceed to twirl it as you pull it down through your hair.
– The look of your curls will depend upon how quickly your glide your straighteners by way of your hair; so, a quick run will give you a softer, gentler curl, whereas twirling your hair slowly will create a extra outlined, tighter ringlet.
– In order for you super thick loose waves, do not forget to fit your hair extensions first!

Find out how to Curl Your Hair with Straighteners: Beach Waves
Here at Soiled Seems HQ we love seaside waves in summer season – in any case, coconut oil egg hair mask who doesn’t crave mermaid hair What’s even higher – hair extensions give us mermaid hair in minutes. Yay! So, here’s how to get coconut oil egg hair mask the curl your hair up into beach waves using straighteners…

– To begin with, take one section of hair and clamp the hair irons as near the foundation as potential.
– Subsequent, twist your straighteners round one full rotation, before transferring down the hair and reversing the direction of your curl.
– Proceed curling on this ‘over and below motion’ while moving your straighteners by your hair. And there you have it – superior, laid-back, bed head hair!

Which of those wavy styles is your favourite Inform us – we might love to know!
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