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Freshlight Hair Dye

I believed I used to be going to die just hours into my birthday because of this dye’s fumes! Sure, I used to be dying my hair when the clock struck midnight, marking the start of my 21-12 months-old years. I started my twenty first by dying my hair with Freshlight’s Melty Cherry foam dye.

Grade 8A Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions Deepwave 3bundles 8inch - 32 inch Natural Black 300gOriginally I needed to try out Rose Macaron as a result of it was a lighter pink, however unfortunately it appears that Korea does not promote it. I’ve tried searching numerous Olive Young and Watson branches in Seoul, earlier than I dyed it and even after dying it, but nonetheless I can not discover it. I think the Korean market prefers having medium/darker hair colours, and if they actually wanted a mild colour it can be blonde.
At one level I was looking up different manufacturers’ reviews online, one in all them being Palty’s foam dye. I was deliberating between the Palty’s Raspberry Jam and Freshlight, however chose the latter in the end because people online had mentioned that Palty foam tends to fizzle out quickly and you might be left coping with a pile of gloop when you’re halfway by means of application. In Korea, they only promote Beautylabo, Palty, and Freshlight dyes from Japan. Beautylabo had mediocre critiques also. I also ventured into looking at Korean foam dyes, however critiques online have been restricted and i never heard something special about Korean foam dyes anyway. Plus, a Korean pal did not suggest attempting out the Mise en Scene Hey Bubble dyes since they dried out her hair huge time.

Earlier than: forgot to take correct before pics, so we’re gonna should make do with latest selcas!
My hair had been previously dyed with John Frieda’s Further Mild Ash Blonde in early August. I have additionally dip dyed the information with La Riche Instructions Semi Everlasting hair dye (I will publish a evaluate on this soon).

So, identical to Prettia the mixing of the solution is pretty simple. Pour small colourant bottle into bigger developer bottle, tilt a couple of occasions to combine, unscrew cap, change it with the pump and you are ready to go.

As talked about before, the fumes were overpowering. I used to be making use of it within the shower cubicle with the door closed. Regardless of having the fan/vent on, I nonetheless ended up choking mid-approach by way of. So I ended up opening the cubicle door to let extra air in, which consequentially ended up making my room scent like hair dye.
The appliance course of was just like Prettia, no trouble, stiff foam that does not disintergrate, and straightforward. Upon ending I coated all of it up in an outdated shower cap. I used to be too lazy to blow heat into it.

After leaving it in for 1 hour half-hour, I jumped in to the shower to scrub the gunk off with slightly chilly water together with my L’oreal EverPURE shampoo, and followed up with the conditioner satchet provided. In contrast to Prettia, my hair didn’t feel sticky/tacky after it dried – the previous few occasions grade of hair chart I dyed my hair with Prettia it always left it feeling tacky grade of hair chart for some reason.. Although it didn’t really feel tremendous gentle and moisturised, it wasn’t dry both.

After: hair beneath pure mild
After: hair underneath artificial white light

The color result was disappointing. I anticipated the outcomes to prove similar to Prettia’s Cassis Berry, a lovely wealthy reddish brown, but as an alternative it ended up wanting like I dyed my hair with any previous brown warm-toned colour that lacked any kind of noticeable purple/pink hue. Perhaps I am actually desperate to consider that the product labored considerably, but I think there’s in reality a tiny bit of a pinkish hue to the brown roots. Do inform me if I am in actual fact being a tad delusional. However then once more it’s arduous to inform on the image since I’m utilizing my telephone digicam. You just need to see my hair in actual life to know. Then again, I have observed that my pink tip-dyed ends have change into extra noticeably pink-er. Unfortunately the telephone digicam taken pictures fails to point out this..
What was even more disappointing is that it hardly changed my hair color in any respect, and I am talking about the pre-dyed half that has been lightened to a extremely mild brown for years. The color solely turned a tad hotter, but that’s it. No colour change. It appeared extra like I had dyed my roots as a substitute. Fortunately the roots have been dyed a medium-gentle brown consequently, though the transition between the roots and dyed hair isn’t perfect, it’s going to do.

I’m going to think about the fact that I did not apply heat once i dyed my hair, as a result of I often do. Heat/warmth is what I consider to be an important part of hair dying, since it increases the rate of chemical function. Though I lined the dye job with an outdated shower cap, I didn’t blow heat with a dryer into it. Additionally, I had to open my window so as to let the fumes out, which conversly let the cold air in – it was snowing in Seoul around that time. Despite not sitting near the window more often than not, the room did get fairly cold.
Perhaps this is the reason the colour never turned out properly..

– Foam stays and doesn’t liquidify
– Mixing and utility technique is rather like Prettia
– Hair would not feel dry submit-dying

– The fumes are strong
– Tad minimal effect on dyed hair
– Pink/red hue didn’t show
2/5 ★★☆☆☆
I anticipated so much from this since it’s a brand below Schwarzkopf. Having dealt with Schwarzkopf dyes earlier than on my dad and mom’ hair, I do know the model offers really nice vibrant colours that, sadly, stains your towels and fades over time. But no, it did the exact reverse the place it didn’t give me any form of colour in any respect.
Nonetheless, I shall be lenient and be open to making an attempt out another Freshlight color in future that isn’t from the pink/crimson hue range. Most preferrably in a warmer location/season as effectively so the chemicals can work at its optimum.
So in conclusion, I wouldn’t be repurchasing nor recommending Freshlight Melty Cherry, you’re better off shopping for Prettia’s pink dyes like Cassis Berry.

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