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Find out how to Care For A Sewn-in Hair Extension

Sewn-in extensions are usually made from human hair, which signifies that they’re good quality but very delicate. To attach extensions, a stylist braids hair alongside the scalp, then sews tracks of hair into the braids. Proper care will make your extensions last longer and look better. By washing, conditioning, styling and gentle dealing with, your extensions will last the six to eight weeks that they need to.

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Step 1
Oil your scalp each time your scalp feels itchy due to the the tight braids. Unfold a little bit coconut oil on your fingertips and apply it to the affected areas of the scalp. Don’t scratch at your head, which can lead to frizzy roots and noticeable tracks.

Step 2
Wash your hair extensions each seven to 14 days. Choose a shampoo that’s high quality and gentle, corresponding to a baby shampoo or sulfite-free product. Situation your hair every time you wash your extensions.

Step 3
Pat your hair dry after getting out of the shower, as a result of rubbing it dry with a towel with roughen the hair cuticles and trigger messy hair shafts. At all times enable your extensions to dry before you go to bed; sleeping on wet hair extensions can damage them. If doable, sleep on a silk pillowcase or with a silk scarf to protect your hair from pillow friction.

Step 4
Style your hair rigorously. When detangling your hair after a shower, begin with the underside of the extension and work your means up to reduce pulling on the hair. Never perm or colour hair extensions by yourself. If you want another fashion or colour, your stylist can sew in extensions that have already got the fashion and coloration you need. Use heated styling tools sparingly to forestall extensions from turning into dry and brittle.

Step 5
Schedule an appointment with your stylist six to eight weeks after the extensions are sewn in. Your stylist can take away them or place filler tracks within the braids to update your look. In case your hair shows signs of damage, equivalent to damaged hair at the roots, ask the stylist to take away the braids and allow your hair to relaxation for not less than six months.

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