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Indigo is a plant that has a blue dye in it. You probably have indigo dyed cloth in your closet, in a pair of blue jeans. Denims are dyed with indigo. Individuals have used indigo alone or in combination with henna to dye their hair black for not less than 4000 years. During the nineteenth and 20th century indigo was such a standard hair dye in Europe and the US, that it was marketed as “black henna”. Henna is rarely black, henna by no means dyes hair black, however powdered indigo resembles powdered henna and it DOES dye hair black. So, when indigo was offered as hair dye, it was called “black henna”. When it was bought to dye cloth, it was known as indigo. There are are nonetheless many bins of indigo in stores marked “black henna” as a legacy of this outdated misnomer.
Some boxes of “black henna” are real indigo. Some containers are cellulostic materials and PPD, para-phenylenediamine, a hazardous aniline (coal tar) dye. In the event you open a field of “black henna” that is indigo, you’ll see green powder that smells like frozen peas. In case you combine that hair weave for sale online with water, you may see a blue glaze form on the floor after some time. For those who plop some wet indigo powder on paper or cotton, blue dye will leak out. Indigo hair dye seems like what you see above. This indigo is from Mehandi.
If you happen to open a field of “black henna” or “black mehndi” and the powder is brownish black or black, it most likely has PPD in it. If you happen to mix it with water, blackish brown liquid will leak out. That stuff is just not henna. It is not indigo. It is chemicals and it might harm you.
Indigo is a bit of a chore to make use of as a hair dye, however the outcomes are gorgeous!
This is tips on how to get Fabulous Black hair with indigo, even when you’re blonde or gray!
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Here is how Gwyn dyes her hair with indigo:
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Virgin Peruvian Hair Natural Wavy Hair Bundles 12 inch To 32 inch Brown Hair 100gHere is a video on dyeing your hair black with henna and indigo:
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Natural hair dyes are good for your health, and good on your planet!