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Your Hair Extensions Is perhaps Goat Hair, Or Hair From A Corpse

We totally get the attraction of extensions.
Not everybody can have lengthy, full, glossy hair. A whole lot of us can only manage a ponytail the length and width of a generous prawn, which is usually a bit miserable.

Therefore the attraction of clip-in stennies. They give the illusion of Serena van der Woodsen hair, without having to spend hours within the salon for those of us who aren’t folically blessed.

What’s to not love
Rather a lot, truly.

How many of us have ever stopped to surprise the place these hair extensions came from Even those of us who’ve seen Les Mis and are totally conscious that people who sell their hair are hardly ever in an excellent place in their lives

It’s really easy to be caught up in magnificence that you forget to consider what the cost is. Which is why Truthful Hair Care are campaigning to regulate hair extensions. They informed us:

‘Through our research, we discovered that there isn’t a current regulation in the hair extension industry.

‘As the trade is how to take the shine out of synthetic hair not regulated manufacturing facility practices are unethical and are usually not regulated so when demand outstrips provide factories find yourself cutting corners and mixing human hair with synthetic hair or animal hair.

‘Some magnificence provide shops carry Chinese hair and name it Indian hair as a result of it’s a better solution to sell it. At any time when they exhaust one identify they tag on another identify. So, in the intervening time they have Brazilian hair, they’ve Peruvian hair, Indonesian hair, they have Malaysian hair, Italian and French too.

‘Customers suppose it’s a new product and so they are going to buy it and take a look at it no less than as soon as. Because of the lack of laws, manufacturers and provide stores are able to falsely label and promote extensions as 100% human hair simply to make a sale.’

What you are buying, based on Truthful Hair Care, and an investigation from the BBC, is most frequently goat hair.

Even if you’re not weirded out by the thought of carrying goat hair in your hair, Honest Hair Care say that you’re unlikely to get an honest end result from it, saying:

‘If the hair is synthetic or made up of animal hair aftercare would be tough. Customers spend large amounts of money and time to search out the correct kind of products to look after the human hair extensions however these products merely just don’t work as they don’t seem to be treating human hair.’

By accident paying a lot of money to wear a goat is, nevertheless, solely the tip of the iceberg.
‘Girls as young as a two may have their heads shaved as a ritual sacrifice. It’s framed as a religious ceremony, however the youngster in question has little comprehension of what is happening to her. Typically these sacrifices are a part of a to a better power, as an example to to save lots of their homes from being repossessed.

‘Afterwards their hair is casually tossed right into a bin, but it surely won’t be thrown away. The kids don’t realise, however their hair will probably be bought to hair sellers and then shipped on to the salons of Western Europe.

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‘In other situations some extensions may very well be taken from corpses or might be from girls as young as who’ve minimize off their hair to promote for just a few pounds. That is even supposing within the UK, a full head of extensions of the best quality European hair would set you back £2,000.’

If the thought of wearing a child’s stolen hair, or the hair stolen from a corpse makes you’re feeling uncomfortable (it ought to) then what can you do

3 Bundles 300g Straight Brazilian Remy Hair  #2 Darkest BrownTruthful Hair Care are working a petition. They’re hoping to get 500,000 signatures, enough to compel the hair extension industry to sign up to a system of regulation. You’ll be able to click on here to study extra and signal the petition.