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Transitioning Hair From Chemicals To Pure

Transitioning chemically handled hair to natural is certainly one of the largest epiphanies one can make on their journey to closure alter. Not only are you in for a phenomenal head of strands that are thicker, more radiant, and a ravishing crown reflecting God’s reward to you, but you’re in for the most magnificent private journey of your life. At the top of this journey, you’re left feeling more happy, at peace, healthy, beautiful, and affirmed. For me, making that final choice and affirming ‘I am not going to put any more relaxers, curls or trend chemicals in my hair, anymore!’ ‘and which means it’ unveiled love and respect for myself, my hair, my spirit, my crown, and my physique that have been immeasurable.

80g Flip In Extensions Indian Remy Straight Human Hair Extensions #2 Darkest BrownWe contemplate and play with the idea within the mirror after we take our braids out. We admiringly watch natural sisters and brothers. We think about what we’d look like with pure hair, we might even purchase a wig to assist make the imaginative and prescient actual. When you finally transfer from ‘possibly I will’ to I completely will’, it is most necessary to be ready for what lies ahead in your journey.

1 month
Common hair development ~ ½ inch
Widespread hair issues in black hair care ~ breakage, thinning, shedding, dryness, styling dilemmas, scalp points, scalp yeast.

Keep away from ~ unfavorable attitudes and perceptions towards nappy, kinky, & natural; damaging ingredients like alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureath sulfate, beeswax, petroleum, mineral oil, castile cleaning soap; extreme heat, small tooth combs, sponge rollers, bonding glue, everlasting hair shade, too tight braids and weaves.

Do ~ belief a professional for a consultation and assessment, comb from ends to root, hot oil treatments each two weeks, trim each six weeks, brush the edges with a toothbrush and pomade, oil primarily based products, 3 days every week moisturize and strengthen.

Styling choices ~ make the massive chop, braids, full head hair weaves, pressing, Sister Locks, Extension locks, flat twist, cornrows with or without extension.

Recommendations ~ Protein and moisture therapies using components like coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, nettle, rosemary, lemongrass, shea butter, and aloe vera. Apply Lemongrass Pomade to your edges at night time with a toothbrush, brush away from your face, tie down, take away scarf in the morning.

Three – 6 months
Common hair development ~ 1 ½ – three inches
Widespread hair points in black hair care ~ dryness, breakage, hair loss (of relaxed texture), styling points.

Avoid ~ adverse stereotypes and perceptions about nappy, kinky, pure, braids, brief hair, good hair, dangerous hair, and so forth; The temptation to get a touch up; everlasting hair coloration; small tooth combs; products with alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, beeswax, petroleum, mineral oil, castile, gels, bonding glue; tight weaves and braids, anyone who tries to influence you from going natural.

Do ~ strengthen and moisturize day by day, hot oil treatments coupled with moisturizing conditioners every 2 weeks.

Styling options ~ ‘the large chop’ with an expert shape and tiny comb coils, braids, human hair extensions (textured and or full head sew ins), lacing, straw units, rod sets, press or flat iron, Sister Locks, twist with extension, Lock Extensions, head wraps.

Suggestions ~ continue to deep condition, strengthen and moisturize. Apply Lemongrass Pomade to your edges at night with a toothbrush, brush away out of your face, tie down, remove scarf in the morning.

9 months +
Average hair development ~ 4 ½ inches +.

Frequent hair issues in black hair care ~ the temptation to get a relaxer, styling issues, dryness.
What to keep away from ~ the temptation to get a relaxer, heavy or tight extensions, natural relaxers without skilled consultation, products with alcohol, petroleum, mineral oil, beeswax, SLS, castile, tight braids and weaves, perpetrating pure hair human hair full lace wigs for black women stylist.

Do ~ get pleasure from your emancipation! Go ahead do your factor! Experiment with kinds and all of your options, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize and strengthen each day; trim, human hair full lace wigs for black women braid or twist at night, sleep on satin pillowcase, comb and style along with your fingers.

Styling options ~ full head hair colour; full pure styling, locks, sister locks, afro puffs, twist, twist out, afros, kinky hair extension types, textured weaves; head wraps.

We recommend getting the correct products that can assist you obtain your hair goals deep conditioners, no artificial ingredients, love and care. Apply Lemongrass Pomade to your edges at evening with a toothbrush, brush away out of your face, tie down, take away scarf within the morning.

In your journey to making the shift from chemically treated to no chemicals or straighteners, remember to stay in touch along with your intestine emotions, do all the time what’s in the best interest of your hair and you, transfer forward with courage and lots of love, anticipate your environment and folks round you to vary as nicely, lovingly accept your self and alter. The extra rapid the growth, the higher!