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Freshlight Hair Dye

I assumed I used to be going to die just hours into my birthday because of this dye’s fumes! Sure, I was dying my hair when the clock struck midnight, marking the start of my 21-yr-old years. I began my twenty first by dying my hair with Freshlight’s Melty Cherry foam dye.

100% Remy Human Hair Body Wave 3 Bundles Ombre Hair Weave Three Tone  #1B/4/30 Black To Caramel Blonde 300gInitially I wished to try out Rose Macaron because it was a lighter pink, however unfortunately it appears that Korea doesn’t promote it. I’ve tried browsing quite a few Olive Younger and Watson branches in Seoul, earlier than I dyed it and even after dying it, however still I can not find it. I think the Korean market prefers having medium/darker hair colours, and in the event that they actually wanted a mild colour it can be blonde.
At one point I was searching up other manufacturers’ opinions online, certainly one of them being Palty’s foam dye. I used to be deliberating between the Palty’s Raspberry Jam and Freshlight, however chose the latter in the long run because people online had stated that Palty foam tends to fizzle out rapidly and you are left dealing with a pile of gloop when you’re halfway through utility. In Korea, they solely sell Beautylabo, Palty, and Freshlight dyes from Japan. Beautylabo had mediocre reviews additionally. I also ventured into taking a look at Korean foam dyes, however opinions on-line have been limited and that i by no means heard something particular about Korean foam dyes anyway. Plus, a Korean pal did not advocate making an attempt out the Mise en Scene Howdy Bubble dyes since they dried out her hair big time.

Earlier than: forgot to take proper earlier than pics, so we’re gonna have to make do with current selcas!
My hair had been previously dyed with John Frieda’s Extra Light Ash Blonde in early August. I’ve also dip dyed the ideas with La Riche Instructions Semi Everlasting hair dye (I will put up a evaluation on this soon).

So, just like Prettia the mixing of the answer is fairly easy. Pour small colourant bottle into larger developer bottle, tilt a few instances to combine, unscrew cap, change it with the pump and you are ready to go.

As talked about before, the fumes had been overpowering. I used to be making use of it within the shower cubicle with the door closed. Despite having the fan/vent on, I nonetheless ended up choking mid-way through. So I ended up opening the cubicle door to let more air in, which consequentially ended up making my room odor like hair dye.
The applying process was identical to Prettia, no hassle, stiff foam that doesn’t disintergrate, and easy. Upon ending I coated all of it up in an previous shower cap. I used to be too lazy to blow heat into it.

After leaving it in for 1 hour 30 minutes, I jumped in to the shower to wash the gunk off with slightly cold water along with my L’oreal EverPURE shampoo, and followed up with the conditioner satchet supplied. In contrast to Prettia, my hair didn’t feel sticky/tacky after it dried – the previous few times I dyed my hair with Prettia it all the time left it feeling tacky for some purpose.. Though it did not feel super smooth and moisturised, it wasn’t dry either.

After: hair underneath pure mild
After: hair under artificial white light

The colour end result was disappointing. I anticipated the outcomes to turn out just like Prettia’s Cassis Berry, a lovely wealthy reddish brown, but instead it ended up looking like I dyed my hair with any old brown warm-toned color that lacked any type of noticeable purple/pink hue. Maybe I am really determined to believe that the product labored considerably, however I feel there may be in actual fact a tiny bit of a pinkish hue to the brown roots. Do inform me if I am in reality being a tad delusional. However then again it is arduous to inform on the picture since I’m utilizing my cellphone digital camera. You simply have to see my hair in real life to know. Then once more, I have seen that my pink tip-dyed ends have develop into extra noticeably pink-er. Unfortunately the cellphone digicam taken photographs fails to indicate this..
What was even more disappointing is that it hardly changed my hair colour at all, and I am talking concerning the pre-dyed part that has been lightened to a really mild brown for years. The colour only turned a tad warmer, however that’s it. No color change. It seemed extra like I had dyed my roots as an alternative. Luckily the roots have been dyed a medium-light brown in consequence, although the transition between remy hairstyles the roots and dyed hair is not good, it can do.

I am going to contemplate the fact that I didn’t apply heat after i dyed my hair, because I often do. Heat/warmth is what I consider to be a vital part of hair dying, because it increases the rate of chemical perform. Although I lined the dye job with an previous shower cap, I did not blow heat with a dryer into it. Moreover, I needed to open my window to be able to let the fumes out, which conversly let the chilly air in – it was snowing in Seoul around that point. Despite not sitting close to the window more often than not, the room did get pretty chilly.
Perhaps because of this the colour never turned out properly..

– Foam stays and doesn’t liquidify
– Mixing and utility method is rather like Prettia
– Hair would not feel dry submit-dying

– The fumes are robust
– Tad minimal impact on dyed hair
– Pink/red hue didn’t present
2/5 ★★☆☆☆
I anticipated a lot from this since it is a model below Schwarzkopf. Having dealt with Schwarzkopf dyes earlier than on my mother and father’ hair, I know the model offers really nice vibrant colours that, unfortunately, stains your towels and fades over time. However no, it did the precise opposite where it didn’t give me any type of colour at all.
However, I shall be lenient and be open to making an attempt out one other Freshlight colour in future that’s not from the pink/crimson hue range. Most preferrably in a warmer location/season as nicely so the chemicals can work at its optimum.
So in conclusion, I wouldn’t be repurchasing nor recommending Freshlight Melty Cherry, you are higher off shopping for Prettia’s pink dyes like Cassis Berry.

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