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I like Heavy Hair Oiling : Blog About Your Hair Oiling Routines And Stories

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My cousin sister, Savitha visited us few days back. She admires my long hair and always helps me and encourages me to develop them. Each time she visits us, she at all times takes good care of my hair by oiling them and massaging my scalp with natural hair oil which she brings from her native place.
On the day she arrived, I used to be sporting my hair in a briaded bun. When she noticed me, she instantly observed that I had hardly utilized the cutest hairstyles for school oil as my hair strands have been displaced. She was offended with me and suggesed me to get an excellent hairstyle done from her. She opened my braided bun and untied braid. She utilized hair oil elaborately and combed my hair and made a tight braid. Not a single hair strand dispaced. I was bit unhapy due to heavy hair oiling since I had to go out for some work.
She steered, Anna (Elder brother) wash hair tomorrow.
Subsequent day, I washed hair and dried them. Savita needed to attempt a distinct hairstyle. She referred to as my mom and sister additionally. Firstly they oiled my hair and after oiling they parted them into could also be 15 sections on head.
After parting hair, they began braiding them. So in direction of finish, I had 15 oiled and tight braids hanging from my head. It was like some African hairstyle.
Then Savita pulled my hair on prime of haed and made a braided bun on top of head. It was bit painful however I used to be open for experimentation.
After she was executed with this hairstyle, my mother mentioned, your hairsyle is just like Lord Shiva. A topknot of matted hair.
Entire day, I wore this model and earlier than retiring to bed, I requested my both sisters to untie bun and braids. It took a while. And eventually I felt relieved when my the cutest hairstyles for school hair had been open, free and hanging down.
Because of micro braids, my hair became curley and that i hope by tomorrow they ought to be regular.
Savita wants to try some more hairstyles on my hair. My candy sister.
I get this affection from my sisters because of my lengthy hair. It would not keep male / female barrier certainly. They simply really feel I am like them. I am thankful to god for giving me a possibility develop hair and be an extended hair man.

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