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17 Half-And-Half Hair Colors That Prove Two Hues Are Better Than One

Overlook ombre, sombre and the opposite fifty totally extensions different variations. Should you need a bold hair coloration, look no further than half-and-half hair. We’re not talking dip dye. We’re speaking cut up, Cruella de Vil-style hair. You’ve in all probability observed two-tone hair appearing an increasing number of on Instagram and Tumblr lately. It’s perfect if you happen to can’t determine what color you want to dye your hair. The only difficult part is figuring out what colour you want your eyebrows to be. To get the look, you possibly can pick up two totally different bottles of hair dye at random, or you possibly can check out these cut up hair colors for inspiration.

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Listed here are 17 half-and-half hair colours that show two hues are better than one:
1. Purple And Teal

This is daring and lovely. Along with the two-tone locks, who wouldn’t want hair this vouminous Kate Middleton would be jealous.

2. Blue And Inexperienced
If you need green hair but don’t want thick hair waves to appear to be you’re the feminine version of Jared Leto‘s Joker, add some blue to the look and resist the urge to cover yourself with “HAHA” tattoos.

3. Black And Pink
There’s a split hair color for everyone, whether or not you desire a softer look, candy-impressed shades or one thing more edgy. Pink and black is a tried-and-true traditional.

4. Brown And Blonde
There are many loopy hair shade choices, however if you would like one thing slightly extra pure, this blonde and brunette dye job works properly. It’s much less stark than proper Cruella de Vil hair.

5. Purple And Pink
Pink and purple are two of the most popular rainbow hair colors, so if you happen to can’t decide whether to go for bubblegum or lilac locks, you may as nicely select both.

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6. Red And Orange

You’ll be able to go for a extra pure purple and orange look, or you’ll be able to amp up the depth for a vibrant end. Just be prepared for the Catching Fire jokes.

7. Pale Pink And Fuchsia
You don’t need to choose two colours on the alternative sides of the coloration wheel. Attempt selecting two completely different shades of your favorite colour. Just ensure they’re distinct so it doesn’t appear to be a hair color mishap.

8. White Blonde And Black
This is the way you do Cruella de Vil hair in real life. You’ll be able to put on the crimson lipstick but promise you’ll be nicer to the doggies.

9. Black And Inexperienced
This is a good suggestion if for no matter purpose you only really feel like dyeing half of your head. You can keep your pure shade and you only have to worry about half the touch-ups.

10. Delicate Pink And Mint
When you have tried each pastel hair colour from periwinkle to dove gray to dusty pink and don’t know what to do subsequent, why not mix two of your favorites If you’re apprehensive about damaging your hair, you can all the time get a half-and-half colored wig.

11. Purple And Black
In case you have thick bangs and resolve to get a split hair color, you have to commit to continuously checking your mane in the mirror to ensure that your fringe appears this flawless.

12. Blonde And Purple
If you may call half-and-half hair refined, this is a more refined possibility that a few of the neon kinds. It additionally exhibits the coloration works simply as properly on brief hair as long, mermaid locks.

13. Purple And Pastel Pink
How cute is this When you love pastel hair but want to take yours to the next stage, this can be one technique to do it. Bonus factors if you coordinate your outfit and nail polish along with your hair.

14. Turquoise And Purple
Let’s simply take a minute to admire these so-brilliant-they-definitely-glow-beneath-black-mild colours. Additional credit for the cotton candy pink pieces on the purple side.

15. Burgundy And Deep Inexperienced
For those who dye your hair red and inexperienced, it will probably simply seem like you’re celebrating Christmas 12 months of the yr. Nonetheless, the dark tones of this half-and-half hair shade prevent it from looking “Bring us some figgy pudding” festive.

16. Crimson-Orange And Purple
As this list shows, pretty much any color mixture works. You don’t have to thick hair waves concern your self a lot with colour principle and contrasting colors.

17. Blonde And Pale Blue

That is one half natural, one part ice queen and really cool. (Pun supposed.) Just imagine what this would look like twisted around in a high knot.