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70g Flip In Human Hair #1B Natural Black, virgin micro loop hair extensions, Serayah McNeill 10″ Silky Straight #4 100% Remy Human Hair Wig.

Henna On Hair Photographs

We give you only the purest henna obtainable. With out chemical additives, MM henna hair coloration is the only manner to achieve really pure hair color.

Why is Morrocco Technique Henna Hair Coloration the best
We use only actually pure elements! While many henna hair dyes are marketed as “natural,” they include harsh metals and toxins. MM continues to bring the purest substances into our merchandise to make sure their high quality. Every colour of henna hair coloration is created utilizing totally different elements of the henna plant (the leaf, root, or bark) and is totally chemical free. We achieve other colour just like the blonde although adding the marigold flower and for the black we use natural indigo plant—no chemicals here!

Allergic to Hair Dye Want to finish the Chemical Abuse
Henna hair coloration is the proper resolution! Lastly, a natural hair colour that works its magic without damaging, drying, or chemically altering the structure of your hair. Chemical dyes are greater than damaging—they’re virgin micro loop hair extensions dangerous! At MM we’re right here to help you retain your salon look with out the chemicals and harsh toxins. MM henna hair coloration is ideal for those who prefer to play with their hair shade or those who wish to cover graying roots!

New to Henna
Visit our Instructional Middle and watch the 7 Step Sequence on Henna Utility!
Wanting to promote wholesome hair regrowth Utilizing safe coloring practices like MM henna hair shade is Step four in Mr. Morrocco’s 5 Step Program to healthy hair.

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Your Pure Hair Shade
virgin micro loop hair extensions Black Darkish Brown Medium Brown Mild Brown Pink Dark Blonde Medium Blonde
Henna Shade
Black Deep Black Black
Crimson Red highlight Darkish Auburn Auburn Purple Flame Purple Flame Crimson
Dark Brown Heat Shine Highlight Shine Deep Brown
Medium Brown Heat Shine Highlight Shine Warm Medium Brown Crimson Brown Chestnut Crimson Brown Chestnut Chestnut
Light Brown Spotlight Shine Mild Brown Shine Heat Brown Heat Mild Brown
Gentle Blonde Gold Highlights Lighter Gold Brown Golden Pink Brighter Gold Blonde Medium Gold Blonde
Impartial Shines and conditions. Your natural hair coloration seems brighter as a result of hair has extra shine.

Kind by:
Henna Hair Conditioner – Neutral (Colorless)

Neutral Henna imparts sensible shine and enhanced manageability without adding any colour. Use as usually as desired to keep up wholesome, engaging gloss of your hair.
Product Ingredients & Particulars..

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