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The Clip-on Technique – How to Attach Hair Extension Clips

The different types of hair extensions in the family of Clip-on sets that Rapunzel provides make it easier for you to really express your self. The 3- and 7-piece sets include varied quantities of hair (measured in grams) and permit you to combine the number of pieces and grams of hair. As a rule of thumb, the fuller your natural hair is, the extra extensions you need. Shorter hair also tends to require fewer grams. Listed below are some recommendations on how you can combine and match these packages to realize the fullness that you just need.

50 grams – Hair thickening

Clip-on three items offers you 50 grams of extensions made up of three equally vast and equally long items. This bundle also works if you need full thick hair or more shade effects since you possibly can select a coloration that is different from your pure hair. If in case you have thinning hair, the Clip-on 3 pieces set could be sufficient to provide you the same impact as full extensions.

50 + 50 grams – Thickening/ hair extension/ color results
With two packages of Clip-on 3 pieces, you get 50+50 grams of cool hair extensions made up of six items, all the same width and length. Mixing two packages also makes it attainable to create ravishing shade effects, and also lets you capture and complement all the nuances in your hair. It additionally creates a full-bodied fashion with most quantity and hair extension lengths.

100 grams – Basic hair extensions
Clip-on 7 pieces is the classic choice for a lot of our customers. It works perfectly for individuals who wish to have long and full-bodied hair and have natural hair that’s someplace between skinny and full.

One hundred + 50 grams – length and quantity
Do you already have full-bodied hair and are wanting for max volume In that case, simply combine one bundle of Clip-on 7 pieces with one package deal of Clip-on three pieces. This gives you a hundred and fifty grams of wigs by paula young quantity and hair extension size, and plenty of pieces you can place wherever you want to. This is ideal for those who’ve or need to have long and full hair in no time.

One hundred + a hundred grams – size and mega quantity
If in case you have naturally full hair that you just wish to be longer or if you need hair with mega quantity, then two packages of Clip-on 7 pieces is the proper alternative for you. This offers you 200 grams of extensions and completely unforgettable hair.