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Why Malaysia No Like This

Click on here for half one. I’ve written some tips and recommendation before heading to Italy.
So our journey consisted of 3N Rome, 2N Florence and 3N Venice. In Florence, we made a day trip to Pis, and in Venice, a day trip to Verona.We did not go to Milan as we only had 8 Nights and wish to stretch our time exploring without rush.

We flew with KLM/ Royal Dutch Airlines to Rome. It was a total of 15 hours flying time with 1 hour transit at Amsterdam. Food is sweet in KLM, superb!

We arrived at FCO (Fiumcino) Airport. The airport is a 1 hour distance to the city, so you possibly can select to go there by taxi, train or bus.

Value smart, my recommendation here is to buy a shuttle bus ticket on the counters. You could find many working companies. A ticket costs about about 5-6 Euros. The bus will take you to Roma Termini, which is the main train station at Rome. There isn’t any Need to PRE Buy this ticket forward, which was what I did! Being the overly anxious me, Ive googled for shuttle bus tickets and purchased them with Terravision. (Boo Terravision, Boooo!)

When we arrived at the gate outdoors the airport (there are numbered gates for different buses), there was a long line of people already waiting. An increasing number of individuals queued up, but the bus was nowhere in sight! The wind was chilly and there were no seats, I used to be so mad as a result of we stood there near forty five minutes, and my winter coat was stuffed inside my luggage (I didn’t wanna embarrass myself opening it up in front of everybody..) !! We had been literally ‘makan angin’ -ing.

Different tourists/locals who purchased tickets from other companies did not even have to wait, they arrive on the gate number and just boarded their bus. Buses come and go, we received much more impatient. There were so many irritated faces amongst us~

Then, Lastly, it got here. Even so, we realized that we would not even get to get on it. Folks had been squeezing to rise up the bus and the conductor only allowed these without heavy luggage to go in first. Hazel immediately steered that we hop on to the opposite bus beside our gate. With out hesitation, we spent another 5 Euros to get onto the bus. (Anything to get a very good comfy seat!!)

Say no to Terravision!!
Once i looked to the Terravision bus, there were individuals STANDING because there wasn’t house anymore. Don’t buy tickets from them, seriously. Be it pre purchase or on the spot.

Roma Termini
We stayed at Lodge MonteCarlo, a ten minute walk from Roma Termini. About Roma Termini, Ive by no means seen such a pretty train station in my life. It was like a mini shopping mall.

Hotel Montecarlo was in all probability the most effective lodge we stayed in Italy, due to the extraordinarily super HANDSOME receptionist. The lodge was clean and sparkly, service was actually good and buffet breakfast excellent. (You possibly can order unlimited scorching chocolate!)

Okay I obtained to say this. Other than the many gorgeous buildings and views right here, guys are gorgeous as heck, And they’re like pigeons here. Everywhere you go, you’re certain to see a extremely tall and handsome dark haired stranger. Why Malaysia no like this Its kinda a tradition shock perhaps, as a result of handsome guys in Malaysia erm. 1 in a 100 No no, make that 1000. hahaha.

*Pretty ladies too.
One major remorse Hazel and I have just isn’t having an image taken with Michael, our tremendous charming and dashing and tall and gentlemanly, extraordinarily handsome receptionist. (OMG I sound so fangirl-ly). He is so gentleman okay, as soon as we step into the lodge, he hurried to our side and stopped us from carrying our luggage up the stairs. Each time now we have any concerns, small matter resembling no wifi signal in our room, he reacted as if our wallets had been stolen or one thing. He was just that meticulous, proficient and really sweet!

Okay. I shall cease.
Onwards to my Roman Vacation!
(Go watch Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday, a traditional previous movie that is a should watch! Additionally When in Rome if you haven’t 🙂


Gosh, I couldn’t believe my very own voice when i said to Hazel, “We’re in Rome. We’re in Rome. We’re in Italy’. I love historical Roman history, myths and legends and all! It was raining on our first day so we abandoned plans of going to the Coliseum.

We bought some tidbits on the Termini, I noticed many people with canine strolling in and out of the practice~ We then headed to the Pantheon by 3 plus. As mentioned within the previous publish, we have rented a wifi hotspot known as Witourist so we navigated there fairly alright. 🙂

*Trevi Fountain was unfortunately, in construction. It was one of many place that we have been most excited to go to. However we did throw coins into the empty fountain, along with many others. I hope the legend of being able to comeback to Rome holds true. 🙂

Rainy Day
Mighty pantheon

Lovely top contained in the Pantheon
Passed by so many lovely churches

Santa Maria Sopra church. picture courtesy of google (too darkish to take pic)
Artwork on one of many partitions

We visited a church near the Pantheon referred to as Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. It was breath-takingly lovely. Hazel stated it is probably the most lovely one among all the churches we visited in Italy and its the one she likes most. I might say Saint Peter’s Basilica however SMSM (quick kind lol) was actually serene with lovely organ music playing in the background. It was dark and there have been no artificial lighting, the source of light got here solely from the candles. Do go go to this church and see the beauty for your self. It’s admission is free btw.

Saw this cool wanting door handle
We took the metro, which is well accessed, to Spagna from Repubblica.

Repubblica by day
Repubblica by evening

Finish of Day 1
We went to the Spanish Steps but it was too dark to take good photographs, planned to come by once more within the morning. Had dinner and the Carbonara was a FAILURE. Severely felt ripped off cuz it was just bland dry pasta, scrambled egg and some pieces of bacon. For the value of RM36. -____-

Anyway, please do get this biscuit in Italy. It is so yummy!
Oro Ciok Latte/Milk Chocolate flavour. Miss it already


We got some good relaxation so determined to dress up abit and do hair/makeup. haha.
It was a high quality sunny day, the truth is many people took off their jacket since it was a bit of heat.

Visited the Coliseum (Collosseum spelling additionally correct ), Palatine hill and Roman Discussion board. Went to Vittorio Emanuel Monument for a very good hen’s eye-view of town and then off to Trastevere, a charming little neighborhood throughout the Tiber River.

(Anyway, one factor about having Hazel with me is that each one my images look so nice okay! She is severely so gifted in capturing my good angle hahaha. I really feel that I did a nice job with hers, maybe not as good but okay la. :p )

Inside the Colisseum
The original Arch of Constantine

Good shot from me!
Two lost child

wondering the best way to go to the Forum
I can just think about the Romans 1000’s of years in the past, strolling on these roads, dwelling about their lives. This was their metropolis center, where the folks gather and discuss over matters and held conferences and such.

silly us missed the entrance beside
Roman forum

Vittorio Emanuel monument
look so tall right here haha.

After visiting Vittorio Emanuel, we missed out walking over to the Trajan Market where more ancient ruins might be seen. I feel its because of exhaustion from all that sight seeing Anyway you may select to visit the Coliseum in day one and are available again the second day to proceed on to the Palatine hill/discussion board then Vittorio Emanuel.

We went throughout the Tiber river via a bridge to Trastevere, a very merry neighborhood. We actually appreciated the vibe here, there were songs and performances on the street. It was a really relaxed ambiance.

Had Gelato at Fior di Luna, located in Trastevere.
I had orange and it was so stuffed with zest! Great for an extended day strolling

Visit Santa Maria church here in Trastevere
Night scene at Trastevere

Finish of Day 2
We do really emphasize on a pair of fine footwear. All that walking can take a toll in your ft!


Final day Rome. We went again to the Spanish steps to take a picture. However alas, picture isn’t clear enough. :/

Anyway I dint get what was so special with the Spanish steps. To me, they’re simply staircases And the Timberland advert completely ruined the image too. haha.

Fontana della Barcaccia
(Fontana Della Barraccia a fountain formed like a half sunken boat here in Spagna, its because there once was a flood in year 1598 a couple of metre excessive. When the water receded, a ship was left behind. )

We then visited a bit of alley that is not well-known by many.
It is called Via your wigs Margutta. Come within the morning where there’s little individuals.

The alley is so green, a welcome sight from all of the marble whites/greys from the buildings round.
After Margutta, we walked straight to Piazza Popolo, translated it means the individuals’s sq.
One of many fairly city squares in Rome.
Apparently, it was used as an execution site way back. o_O

The handsome polizia we ran into! Severely, after I’ve posted this image on FB, the variety of likes by no means stopped growing even until the 7th day being in Italy. LOL

The tall Egyptian obelisk of Sety I
For you history buffs on the market, the obelisk was erected originally throughout 10BC at Circus Maximus under orders of Augustus Caesar. It was then relocated right here.

I found an outdated painting of Piazza Papolo,
before the fountains had been built around it~
After that, we took a metro to Ottaviano. We headed straight to St Peter’s Basilica situated in Vatican Metropolis. It’s one of the most important church on the planet! The sq. is soooooo just beautiful.

Take be aware that earlier than you enter the church, you need to undergo security test. Remember not to take anything sharp with you!

Upon coming into the church, you may be swept off your toes! My digital camera does not do it justice, so i googled a pic. It’s simply so majestic. Could not assist marvel on the interior.

We determined to try climbing up the stairs to reach the roof and the cupola/dome. There are two components of stairs totaling to 551 steps!

The dome, you’ll be able to climb up the steps for a better view
The stairs are so narrow its a little claustrophobic.

Reached the dome!
Reaching the dome, we have been slightly disillusioned (there’s really nothing much to the dome )and just a little more breathless. lol. After which we continue to the top.

So tiring I inform you. We stopped and rested a couple of occasions. Even saw a father carrying his sleeping little one on his shoulders, marvel how he can do such factor.

Many instances we reached the end of the stairs thinking we’ve made it, only to find a brand new begin to a different flight of stairs! This just exhibits how little cardio I have been doing. haha.

Critically, I don’t know the way people from these days assemble these items. How How And the way can they climb up and down like this in a each day basis

So once we lastly reached on top, we received rewarded! Superb sight from the cupola.
Hazel snapped a photograph whereas I simply opted to relaxation and close my eyes. I could not wait to get down and be finished with it. Thankfully you should use the elevator going down.

After rehydrating ourselves, we proceeded to go to the Vatican museum. Oh did I mention we noticed Jane Chuck We didn’t get a photo, she walked too fast!

Anyway you should utilize your student ID to get 50 percent off from the admission ticket.
Hazel and that i respect and admire the gorgeous issues in life, nonetheless on this case, lovely issues are aplenty so we acquired bored. haha. I believe Sistine Chapel is good, image taking isn’t allowed though.

I noticed my first ever mummy!! I love Egyptian stuff so this was fairly cool.
We had been quite captivated by the gallery of maps.

We exited and it was night.
Crossed the Bridge of Angels but it surely was too dark to see the angels clearly.