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Personalised Christmas Cards

The recent down flip, recession, credit crunch, banking disaster – whatever you want to call it positively affected Christmas card sales in 2008, especially the american slogans patriotism personalised corporate market. It compounded the already shrinking industry. Over the last 5 to six years less and fewer firms have despatched Christmas cards, some have simply stopped as they see it as an unnecessary expenditure the place as others have sent emails.

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Some of the fall out from this diminished market place was more consolidation of the publishers and suppliers with Powell Publishing promoting their personalised Christmas card business to CCA Occasions in February of 2009. This adopted Taylor Corps buy of CCA in late 2006 early 2007, which put two of the highest three gamers out there place collectively as one company – ‘Advantageous Impressions’ and ‘CCA’ created ‘CCA Events’. Will 2009 power more of the main gamers to either sell up or come together to maintain the business going – solely time will tell?


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