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A Love Letter To My Shirts

I am writing you as a result of I don’t really feel like we’ve ever really talked. We spend a and though she be but little shirt lot time collectively, and but I’ve by no means sat down with you and expressed my emotions and informed you the way I truly feel. So, I would like you to know one thing. I like you. I love each one in all you equally and unconditionally.

Men's  Custom Bird of Prey Short Sleeve Tee ShirtI am going to begin with you, Dark Green Louisville Slugger Shirt, because I’m carrying you proper now. After i first noticed you at Goodwill, I was excited and heartbroken all at once. It pains me to suppose that somebody selected to give you away, that they didn’t treat you proper, that they didn’t appreciate you for who you’re. You’re the definition of a diamond in the tough. You’re the unsung hero of my wardrobe. You go so well with my khaki shorts. Keep being you. By no means change.

And Long Sleeve Blue Stripes. I solely bought you a week ago, but the sheer pace with which you’ve become a staple of my wardrobe is really an inspiration. You look so great after i roll up your sleeves only a hair above my elbows. And on high of that, your sleeves are simply free enough to be comfy and just tight sufficient to not unroll past my elbows on a regular basis. That’s implausible. Such subtle nuance to your each fiber. Superb. Thanks.

Black Polo. Each time I put you on, I feel to myself, “Gosh. I’m undecided if I look good in black or if it’s simply this shirt.” And then I’m immediately reminded of that one line from Weird Al’s Amish Paradise: “And my homies agree, I really look good in black…Fool!” And then I have that music caught in my head all day and it’s great. Thanks for that. Love you, buddy.

And you. Plain White Tee. Oh, Plain White Tee. The place do I even begin? For starters, you seem like shit. You look like full and utter shit. However let me let you know one thing. That isn’t who you’re. You recognize this.

You’ve at all times been there for me. Regardless of this, I usually wear you underneath another shirt. I typically disguise you. However do you complain? No. You’re completely happy just to be worn. Just to be a part of something. You have taught me that life is not something we do by ourselves. It’s about sharing with others. Caring. Loving. Having giant yellow pit stains generally and saying, “Sure. Embrace and though she be but little shirt it.” That is you, Plain White Tee. Thank you for that. Thank you for embracing life.

All you other shirts of mine. I actually want I may repay you for every thing you’ve got performed for me. You deserve so much and but ask for therefore little. I want that someday, maybe in another life, you might put on me. But you understand what? In some methods, you already do.


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