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Platos Closet: The great, The Unhealthy, The Ugly

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Platos Closet: The good, the Unhealthy, the Ugly
Up to date on June 10, 2012 Alex McClain moreContact Writer To me it appears, Plato’s Closet will get a lot more hype than it ought to. For anybody who would not know what Plato’s closet is, it’s a consignment shop where individuals should purchase or sell clothing. Within the words of Platos Closet themselves: a spot the place you possibly can “buy or promote gently used title brand clothing.” The prices are speculated to be loads cheaper and the you’ll be able to earn some further money by selling old clothes you no longer put on.

Women's Desgin Midnight Sailing Short Sleeve Tee ShirtBasically this all sounds good. Identify brand clothes for low cost. I can turn in my old clothes and get some cash. Men’s Desgin PandaSplatter Short Sleeve Tops Tees Two offers that sound hard to be displeased with, right?

The nice
What I can say about Platos Closet is that they do have a typically good selection of merchandise. There’s rather a lot to select from and the standard is usually pretty respectable. I’ve additionally found that the costs are cheap as nicely. For instance for instance a pair of American Eagle denims will run you on common possibly $30-$40 dollars, at Platos Closet you’ll be able to probably buy them for half the worth around $20-$25.

They don’t just promote clothes. They have shoes, jewelry, purses and even some guide and motion pictures.There’s a variety of things to select from. I additionally like the way in which the clothing is organized in the shop. Every little thing appears neat and straightforward to seek out. It’s just about primarily based on shade and then rather the merchandise is a top (common t-shirt, sweater) or backside (jeans, skirt). It is would not appear overwhelming to go looking by way of when you are purchasing.

The Bad
Can’t have the great without having a couple of setbacks. One in all Platos Closet’s setbacks is their collection of name manufacturers. They’re very particular about the kind of identify model clothes they accept. For instance, if you are on the lookout for American Eagle, Areopostale or Abercrombie greater than seemingly Platos Closet may have it. And many it. These sorts of brands tend to be very talked-about.

Nonetheless, if you had been looking for a model like Roca Wear, Akademics, Coogi, Enyce they probably don’t have it. You could happen to come across Sean John, and possibly Roca Wear (on a very good day), nevertheless it appears rare. Platos Closet doesn’t always appear to cater to the more urban viewers so to speak.

The Ugly
Platos Closet might be the most well-liked consignment store in my house metropolis of Jacksonville, fl. I am positive there may be a few different ones, however Platos Closet is the most well known one.

In saying that, I’ve tried selling my clothing to Platos Closet on several occasions. Most of the time, I leave with ninety% of the clothes I walked in with and both with little money or no money. I discussed earlier, that Platos Closet appears explicit about what they’re willing to purchase from you.

I’ve bought to them quite a lot of clothes objects and the name manufacturers have various. To be honest with you, I am not specific about where I shop, as long as the clothing matches my normal style. What I have observed in promoting to them is that 1. They solely take the identify brands they want. Whenever I’ve items from American Eagle, Areopostle or Endlessly 21 most of the time they’re going to take the objects. Nonetheless…..

2. I really feel like the money they offer you for the item is Means Lower than you deserve. If I originally paid $25 for an merchandise, I don’t want $5 in return. I feel cheated every time! They actually do not provide you with your money’s price.

Typically it’s so bad, I end up taking my clothes again simply because they weren’t offering enough. I mean if I’m going in the shop with 10-15 good items of clothing, I am anticipating to make at the very least $15 possibly $20. Most of the time, I’ll be fortunate if I depart with $10. And if that is the case, I could make more money promoting the item myself.

At first I believed perhaps it was simply me, but I had a pal of mine take an entire bin of name model jeans (mainly black brands granted) half of which had by no means been worn, tag nonetheless attached. He needed to have had about 30 pair of jeans and so they did not take ANY of his jeans. NOT ONE PAIR! Not even the ones that hadn’t been worn.

Now tell me there’s not some sort of bias there? I’ve yet to have any of my associates brag about making a pretty penny from Platos Closet. Every so often I could hear someone acquired $20 or $30 dollars, but each once in a blue moon. Most of the time, I hear folks complain similar to me of how they felt cheated.

To sum every thing up, what I’m attempting to say is that Platos Closet isn’t for everybody. Some people shop there and love it. Some individuals promote their clothes there and adore it. However from my personal experience, all I am saying is that Platos Closet will get extra hype than it ought to. It isn’t as nice as some individuals make it sound at occasions.But know that everyone’s experience with them might differ.

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sendingHelly four months in the past

The point of this text is Plato’s doesn’t cater to Urban Clothes and They are cheap when shopping for folks stuff……I by no means take my costly title brand stuff there I promote it online.

Krista 14 months ago

Simply stopped. I took in model new gadgets with tags.. they supplied me $6 for a brand new large Kenneth Cole with a msrp of $99.. they supplied me $4.40 for a brand new natori sweater with a tag of $168 (actually… solely $4?!) and $3 for a Jessica Simpson $forty five wallet! You’re kidding right?

Except for that I took in many (60+) gently used brand title items, that I see in this very store incessantly. They only took the 3 items previously talked about out to supply something for them.

GG 2 years ago

I’ve. Title. Model Footwear ..

Some. New and used. Ann k, Jones of

N. York, Donna ok, 9 West. about

12 Pier. They did not. Will not.

brittney ellis 3 years in the past

yall so improper .

M 3 years in the past

I’ve taken two bags of good high quality clothes to Platos on numerous occasions: no holes, no stains, freshly washed. Some should not model identify, however the store here has plenty of off brand clothing. Each time I leave with virtually each item.

What pisses me off is that I went in right now searching for footwear, picked up a pair of boots and located a huge clump of canine shit. Another pair had tears in them.

Do these people wash their clothes?

But they won’t accept my clothes as a result of they don’t seem to be a certain fashion. Wow.

Brooklyn Mayana 3 years in the past

Personally, I like the store. Sure, they could sell a “particular” type of clothing, however don’t all shops actually? They need what’s in type for most individuals between the tages of thirteen-25 most likely, since I would excpect those to be the top consumers. And yeah, they do not offer you again as much cash because the ought to, however that is okay. I imply, personally sooner or later I brought three boxes of stuff, 2 of the packing containers had about 10 pair s of shoes every (all designer prime model and barely worn because I was still rising haha) , and the other had about 5 pairs of pants and like 10 shirst (most were hollister and aeropostale and without end 21 ). I think they purchased like 5 pairs of the clothing and like 2 footwear. Together, I only got 20 bucks. Was I mad? Heck no. Why? As a result of while you give it some thought, these are ALL clothes I’d have simply thrown away in the primary place! I mean in case you sell them, 90% of the time its as a result of you do not put on them proper? So what if they provide you like 5$ for one thing that was like 40$, It beats getting nothing as it sits in a drawer or closet and collects mud.

Simply remember to promote things you wouldn’t mind simply throwing away (in fact conserving in mind it must be in superb condition) In case you have like a four hundred$ purse or a excessive vogue designer costume that prices like 300$, don’t sell it there, that’s one thing you should sell online except you don’t care for it.

Caroline three years ago

Plato’s Closet is a consignment store that is directed in the direction of teenage to younger women. The clothes they sell are Common Identify Model, gently used clothes. Now what I don’t perceive is to why individuals who say “clothes are clothes” and “model names don’t matter to me” are complaining on here about why Plato’s Closet wouldn’t take their clothes. It would not matter how you feel about clothes or brand names. Plato’s Closet desires common brand title clothing and if you do not have it then don’t be mad if they do not take it. Secondly, the explanation they don’t take sure model names comparable to “urban model names” is because that isn’t what Plato’s Closet wants or the type of clothing they wish to sell. Again These aren’t standard and (sorry to say this) or even fashionable model names that they need. I’ve observed that many people think they are so fashionable and get so insulted when bringing unfashionable clothes in there then they get rejected. Sorry however it is true. Actually if you do not agree with the varieties of clothes or brand names they buy then do not complain, do not store or go there like another retailer. Simple stated. Here is some hints to sell your clothes to them. Name forward and ask what they want. Just because you have got a brand new city outfitters skirt with tags doesn’t mean they need that right now. If they are full on a certain kind of clothes greater than probably they are not going to take it. At my local platos closet I referred to as and requested in the event that they needed skirts. The cashier on the desk informed me they’re overstocked on skirts and will not be taking anymore. There is your motive why they do not at all times take your stuff even whether it is in vogue at the time. So simply promote it somewhere else, donate it, or look ahead to a month or two and try to resell it to them maybe they will want it. If they want shorts or crop tops or purses or no matter kind of clothing it is, should you carry it in more than likely they may purchase it. I additionally perceive that platos closet does not pay very effectively for clothing but give it some thought for a minute. $50 AE jeans, they promote them In the shop less than half of that at $20 and gave you about $10 for them. If they were to be providing you with $15 or more they are making barley any profit. If they increase the amount they provide you with the prices in the shop may also go up. Believe it or not they do must generate profits as a business. They promote their clothes low cost so that you get low costs supplied for your clothes as effectively. I do not or have never labored at a Plato’s closet however I often promote too much to them. I have requested what they needed, brought in these kinds of clothes they asked for, all clothes have been fairly custom muscle tees new widespread model names, and that i ended up walking out of there with a decent sum of money. Please do not write dangerous opinions on a clothes consignment enterprise just because they do not take sure clothes. Think of the opposite elements involved fairly then just your baggage of clothes that I guarantee have been more than a year previous. Sorry for being quite rude on this comment but it surely blows my mind how many people complain about this company when many of these individuals lack the ability to suppose WHY it could have occurred earlier than blaming it on the employees “snobby perspective”.

Sb 3 years in the past

Platoes closet has its moments but most of the time I do find yourself brining ninety% of my clothes again residence. I’ve brands like nike, hollister and many others! And most of them do have tags! One cashier tells me they don’t except nike however when i introduced the identical merchandise again the next week with different stuff to finish cleansing my closet, they took it! So to be trustworthy it really relies on who’s working and their opinion of model. One other lady tells me “all of your stuff smells like smoke so we cannot accept it”…I lost it bc I don’t smoke, I do not hang out in smokey bars and I do not stay with anyone who smokes! Her reply was, “you might at all times wash them and bring them back” Newsflash! They had been just washed and i sure as hell don’t wash them in smoke!

Lauren three years in the past

I wholeheartedly agree together with your complaints. I have by no means heard anything good from others who have sold merchandise to plato’s and i additionally just had a terrible expertise. As a style main and somebody who works retail I completely perceive the dynamic of price, mark up, and profit. With that stated though, Platos informed me they’d promote the merchandise for 1/3 of the original retail and then give me 1/three of that and that sounded cheap. I used to be perfectly high-quality with that. I brought in luggage filled with barely used and pretty new Guess, J. Crew, Banana Republic, and Bebe, all brands that are nicely above the price points of Aeropostale, Abercrombie, and American Eagle. Once i went again to select up the merchandise they did not need in addition to my money I used to be appalled to see their itemized value record of what they had selected. A a hundred% silk Banana Republic dress that I bought for $125 two years in the past they wished to purchase from me for $four. I didn’t count on to make a fortune but I ought to have made more than $four for that dress based on their supposed system. I also had a pair of really nice printed J. Crew shorts that I bought last summer season for $ninety that look designer and are still within the manufacturing facility outlet shops, they have been going to provide me $3 for those. Their computer system is clearly designed to give individuals absolutely nothing in return; a computer would not go purchasing and it would not really feel the standard of the merchandise it is pricing. Even if they’d just given me $5 for each of the 13 items they’d selected I’d have walked away with $65 and been satisfied even though it was nonetheless beneath what I should have gotten in line with their rules. As an alternative they wanted to give me $47 for 13 pieces of title brand merchandise that individually each price anyplace from $50-125. Instead I took it all again and can simply donate it to charity.

Dolly 3 years in the past

I’m sorry some of you had such a bad experience. I’ve seen lots of people love the costs and manufacturers platos closet has to offer. They are so quick to fill up their luggage and stroll out the door with a smile on their face but once you promote your clothes and don’t get an incredible supply the shop is horrible! I agree that customer service and organization has a lot to do with it. That’s for certain! I’m simply confused as to manner you would sell your clothes once more if you had been so dissatisfied the primary time. From what I can see its because no one needs to take the time to promote them on their very own. I do know that the store can’t purchase extra stock then they’ll promote. I too have labored in retail and had dangerous experiences but that’s no motive to judge every retailer! Especially judging the young teenagers whom work their. Keep in thoughts they are teenagers and some adults shouldn’t be so harsh on them.

Sweetly Pie 3 years in the past

What do you guys think about the scent in the store?

frosted cake 3 years in the past

I’m sorry you have had that expertise, some consumers get really hooked on manufacturers, which does get frustrating. As an worker, although, I strive to select types that I believe will promote. The label doesn’t matter so much to me because the type does, and that’s what I pay more consideration to. As for pricing, I want we might offer more but we simply can’t. The pc decides on how much we will offer the customer, we just enter the garment’s details into the system and choose what to cost for it in the store. Denims from American Eagle, at my location, typically promote for $15-$17, and customers get about $5-$7 for them. Promoting your clothes is not actually a method to make tons of money, however I have ended providing people upwards of $a hundred earlier than. All of it just relies on the types you convey, the situation the garments are in, and what has been selling nicely at your location.

Once once more I am sorry on your experience, as a buyer it may be powerful typically. I want we might offer sellers more, however then we would have to raise the costs in our retailer. Hopefully trying a distinct location will yield higher outcomes for you. Pleased buying!

Shawandieb 3 years in the past

Haha. I looked up Plato Closet and got here throughout your put up. Hello ALEX!

MadHatterAid! Four years ago

in the future i went to plato’s closet and i brought in little or no stuff .i purchased in 1 shirt .it was a so shirt .i additionally ought in 13 pairs of pants And guess how much the gave me !i was VERY Stunned. they Gave Me $64.00.

Jake four years in the past

The part that basically bugs me is that I went in to trade in some clothes and and plenty of it was turned down for not being the best “style” or having the most tiny minor imperfections or stains, barely perceptible… and virtually all the pieces I’ve ever bought there has had some small stain or harm that I did not notice in the store but seen later at house.

lex four years in the past

They are complete rip offs,don’t waste your time promoting.Due to this fact i do not even waste my time buying right here.Platos trash.

-my opinion

Beaux four years in the past

I promote usually there. I usually by no means leave without 30 bucks. They normally purchase no less than 50% 5-10 items. I sell them solely mens clothes. I Work in retail myself and might get my clothes so low cost I can make a revenue after I sell it to platos. Last i bought them 5 items. Most have been manufacturers like polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Bahama , and Tallia. I made 33 bucks. These things had been used and in good condition. My model (like most males) is between generic styles that don’t actually die out and a couple trendy things right here and there. I attempt to carry them generic. It sells. To me I believe $5 for one thing $25 is great… Only as a result of I do not buy at full retail worth. I purchase something initially 50-one hundred for like 10 bucks. So once i sell it I get 5-20 bucks for it. Then i go and buy a brand new color or type. They do cater to a whole lot of terrible low end title brands. I do not suppose they do name outs (take recommendation from clients of their demographic space). Where I work if we get sufficient folks saying they need an merchandise, we ship a call out for it to get that merchandise. If you reside in an area the place urban developments are fashionable… I could be good to seize that focus on buyer.

Allison 4 years in the past

I’ll keep on with thrift shops. A lot better bargains and method better prices! Not well worth the trouble of Plato’s for paying so little then charging a lot for worn out clothing.

Heather 4 years ago

I introduced in a $seventy five purse with tags nonetheless on and obtained $5.25 back for it. I in all probability should have advised them neglect it, however it is simply simpler than making an attempt to promote the merchandise myself. I am going to take the same items up there every few weeks and ultimately they take the whole lot. 😉

Concerned worker 4 years ago

Hahahaha at palmettogal73! You will have a faculty schooling but do you employ it? Also if you do not thoughts me asking what is it? Associates in what or maybe bachelors? Some of those youngsters you’re holding your nose up to simply could be planning to personal their very own platos someday which pays rather well. Loads better than the average bachelors diploma. You also stated you were a army spouse…nice so you have never actually had a stable job. However, whatever makes you’re feeling better there palmetto.

Simon four years in the past

You also need to take into consideration that Platos Closet isn’t going to buy something that they think wouldn’t sell or make good revenue on. Why ought to they offer you prime greenback in your clothes just since you think it’s good things? They are the ones who have to show around and sell the stuff. They buy and sell clothes on a regular basis so I am sure they’ve good reasoning behind their methods.

DesignerBuyer 4 years ago

I am a type of people who you’ll name a reputation brand fill-in-the-bleep. I used to pay $four hundred on common just for a pair of jeans till not too long ago. I found Plato’s Closet they usually carried the same precise pair of denims for $360 Less than I paid for them they usually have been in good form. Because of Plato’s Closet I should purchase an entire wardrobe for what I used to purchase an outfit for. So far as them not catering to an City tradition… whereas I agree with you for essentially the most part I feel like you are judging the store based mostly on an invalid class. It could be like me going into an Apple Bottoms store and complaining that they don’t cater to essentially petite ladies who haven’t got lots of “junk in their trunk.” So far as promoting your stuff there, perhaps you do not make gold for selling it there, however the explanation they don’t pay you as much is as a result of they do all of the work. You just drop off your clothes. If you wish to make large cash then it is advisable to promote online which takes time, effort, and it’s important to be the one who ships it out. Will you make extra? Of course. Am I someone who has time to do all that? No means. Most significantly Plato’s Closet is a franchise business so all cannot be judged based mostly off of the one. Each store is owned by a person. All that stated… to every their very own. That’s the beauty of life… there’s enough selections for everybody. 🙂

ash marie four years in the past from California

Plato’s closet just opened near my home in San Jose, CA. I’ve only been in there twice. First time was to shop. Good variety, okay costs. It did not woo me and i left w/o making a purchase. The second time was to herald some items to promote. (clothes) Nothing had stains and the most affordable prime I paid for cost me initially forty three.50. All my different gadgets were greater high quality together with a coach purse. That prime they wanted to pay me $3.23 for and the coach purse was solely $5.25. Like really? My vote….Do not waste your time promoting but in case your procuring give it a try.

AuthorAlex McClain four years ago from Jacksonville, fla.

my level precisely. lol.

Victoria Anne 4 years ago from Las Vegas

I agree with you Alex. I will shop at Plato’s closet as a result of they do have a decent choice, however I by no means sell there. If I’m going to make next to nothing I might slightly promote it myself, donate it, or give it to friends.

palmettogal73 four years in the past

Been there, performed that. I will purchase some clothes there. And it varies retailer by store. I am a navy wife and have been in the stores in Colorado Springs, Cheyenne, and close to St. Louis in Fairview Heights, IL. The nicest staff the place in Cheyenne. My favorite store is Fairview Heights….because I just like that retailer’s measurement and choice finest….trust me, not for the hospitality of the workers. The rudest workers were in Colorado Springs. One journey was sufficient for me to that one. Plus I have the “sale and clearance” gene. I do very nicely in retail shops. American Eagle has the nicest and most helpful employees in my expertise. I don’t sell at Plato’s. I tried as soon as and that i felt shafted too. I’ve all the time been interested by the computer system they use for pricing. I do know the entire RN and CA system and what it means. I purchase nice clothes and take further good care of them. I might sell to a better class version of Plato’s or just “Ebay it”. And the Plato’s employees that can be obnoxious (sort of like a lower class version of Awidth:300px;peak:250px” information-ad-client=”ca-pub-8697790533253044″ knowledge-advert-host=”pub-6958755572607374″>


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