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DIY Minnie Mouse Shirt Layering With HTV

Layering with HTV heat transfer vinyl can appear so intimidating! That’s what I thought, too, till I gave it a strive. The best tutorial I discovered was on the Expressions Vinyl Weblog. It was so easy to observe, and once I bought the grasp of it…now I’m addicted. However, before I share how I made these DIY Minnie Mouse shirts for our upcoming trip, let me clear among the fog about utilizing HTV.

What is HTV? HTV stands for “heat switch vinyl”. Mainly, that is vinyl you reduce along with your Silhouette, after which using an iron or a heat press, you Switch it to a bit of clothing. Now that you know what HTV is, I suggest you hurry over to Expressions Vinyl and order your self some! no, this isn’t a sponsor publish. I simply LOVE Expressions Vinyl!!!

Anyway, let’s speak layering. Layering HTV is simply that-reducing sections of your design, in the desired colours. Then, you lay down the very “back” of your design. Iron it on, lay down the following and iron it on…..and many others, and many others, till you have the design just the way you want it. So, with that being stated, let me walk you thru how I made these Minnie Mouse shirts for my daughter.


Cotton tshirt

Easy Black, glitter pink, and glitter silver HTV

100% Cotton Me and My Dragon Short Sleeve Customized Summer Children's T-shirt

Silhouette Cameo


Parchment paper

Large piece of wood

1. Start by setting up your file in your Silhouette software. I had downloaded this file at no cost. I’m providing a link to it, with the understanding that you just WON’T use it for business use. I bought it for free, and I’m pleased to share…but not so you’ll be able to earn a living off of it. I colored in my design, so I may be certain I’m happy with it before I began reducing.

2. When you might have it all set up, highlight the design, and click on the “Ungroup” button. This is at the bottom left of your screen. It appears like two little squares, with red dots on the corners. By “ungroup”ing your design, you possibly can then move out the elements you don’t want. You’ll then click on on the bow and the black Minnie head, how do you make tye dye shirts and move them to the aspect. You have to be left with a Minnie Mouse head shadow.

Three. Minimize the shadow out of silver glitter HTV. You’ll need to set your lower settings to “blade three, thickness 18”.

Four. Lower your HTV to be barely greater than your Minnie head shadow. Load your HTV in your reducing mat. It is essential that you just lay it SHINY Side DOWN. Make the reduce.

5. Weed the HTV {this means peel away the elements you don’t want}, and you have to be left with a top level view of a Minnie Mouse head. Don’t peel it off the shiny provider sheet. You want this to iron it on.

6. Subsequent, take the shadow of your Minnie head and move it to the aspect. Lower your smooth, black HTV slightly bigger than the Minnie head you are going to cut. Now, put the black Minnie head back on the design mat. You’ll load your black, smooth HTV onto your chopping mat, SHINY Facet DOWN. Make the minimize for this. You possibly can change your blade again to “blade 2, thickness 15” if you’d like. Weed the excess vinyl away, and set the Minnie head apart.

7. Transfer away the black Minnie head. Now, add your bow back onto the minimize screen. Reduce a very small piece of shiny pink, easy HTV and load it SHINY Aspect DOWN onto your cutting mat. Make the cut of the bow.

Eight. In front of you, it is best to have three issues-a glittered define of a Minnie how do you make tye dye shirts head, a black Minnie head, and a pink bow. All of these ought to still be on the shiny service sheet.

9. Heat your iron to the cotton setting, and lay your shirt on a bit of wood. Position the glittered Minnie head on the center of your shirt. Lay it down so the shiny service sheet is facing upward. Now, lay a bit of parchment paper on it. Using even strain {DON’T run the iron over it like you would normally do}, start applying pressure, for about 30 seconds. Pick up the iron, lay it down and put stress on a different area for 30 seconds. Do that for about 2 minutes whole.

10. Take away the parchment paper, and slowly peel back the shiny, clear sheet. As you might be pulling again, watch the edges of your design. If it begins to tug up, gently repeat the process of placing pressure on it.

Eleven. Center the black Minnie head inside the glittered outline. Repeat the ironing course of. Make sure that Your entire space is covered with parchment paper. You don’t want the iron touching the glittered part you simply ironed on.

12. Finally, add the bow in the same method. It’s Actually important that every layer is protected. I added an “N” cut out of the Waltograph font to personalize the shirt. I needed to do Natalie’s whole identify, however I was not sure about the entire HTV course of, and didn’t need to begin with one thing too difficult.

So, what questions do you’ve got? I am in no way a Silhouette skilled, but I love creating with it so much! There are countless YouTube videos and tutorials on the market to assist as properly. I’d love to help. When you have questions, be happy to succeed in out and ask!

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