There are various forms of heat transfer equipment that come in a variety of shapes and sizes while carrying out a range of different tasks. One of the most common types of heat transfer equipment is a machine used to apply pictures and designs to canvas or cotton materials such as t-shirts. In general, heat transfer equipment is large, iron and industrial strength. Those who operate this equipment need to be wary when using the machine as it can easily reach temperatures of over 200 degrees Celsius. However, it is a safe method of creating personalized clothing when used correctly.

Men's Custom mUsiCal TWeeT Short Sleeve Tops TeesWhile not all machines of this nature are created equal, most types of heat transfer equipment can be operated in a similar manner. It will be powered by electricity with many machines having a three-pronged cord. After switching on the heat transfer equipment, use the dials or buttons to control temperature. Be sure to thoroughly read the instruction manual before operation as the manufacturer may specify a certain temperature for each kind of transfer. If no temperature is mentioned, 200 degrees Celsius is deemed to be a good starting point for heat transfer equipment.

There should also be a timer on the machine. Again, the instruction manual may provide details of what to do but if not, industry experts suggest setting the timer to approximately 8 seconds. Heat transfer equipment takes a considerable length of time to fully heat up so it is necessary to switch the machine on at least 30 minutes before it is required. It is sensible practice to check the temperature gauge every 5 minutes to see if the machine is ready to go.

If a design is to be pressed onto a t-shirt, place the t-shirt on the heat transfer equipment in the position where the design is to be applied. Put the top plate on top of the bottom plate before locking it into place. The best heat transfer equipment will have a handlebar that guides the plates into position. The plate needs to be left down until the timer goes off. At this point, the heat transfer should be peeled off the material.

It is important for the heat transfer equipment to be placed on a flat and level surface. It is extremely dangerous to use on an unstable surface because the machine could fall and cause severe injury. In addition, caution must be used due to the high temperatures that will be reached during the pressing of the material.


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