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The right way to Fold A T-Shirt

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A Phrase To The Smart
A word of caution to new homemakers, remember, in the event you throw away your husband’s (or spouse’s) torn and worn T Shirts, accomplish that while she or he is just not dwelling. Promptly bundle up the garbage and take it out to the curb before they get residence. It is best to do that on trash collection day.

It has been my expertise over time that ragged, stained and worn out T Shirts discover their way again into the wash when this advice isn’t heeded.

“Honey, where is my tremendous shirt?”

© 2013 Peg Cole

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sendingAlly Lewis 3 years in the past from Pittsburgh, PA

Haha I am the identical method when I am in a retailer! Always have been. You’re welcome!

Good day Ally Lewis. I hope I’ve not pushed you towards being an OCD t shirt type of person with this hub. Having began my work career in retail at midnight ages when individuals really folded the merchandise, I spent a whole lot of time un-messing up the shelves. It will need to have warped me at a young age. Nice of you to drop in and depart such a pleasant comment.

Ally Lewis 3 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA

I worked in retail for years and did not learn to fold clothes this environment friendly the entire time. This will probably be exceptionally helpful now that I am back dwelling from college with actual functioning laundry. Thanks!

Stephanie H, That is true. Offers a brand new meaning to liquid laundry detergent. I actually have to get a life…

Peg, possibly if we had a little bit wine within the laundry room, we wouldn’t care if the edges matched! 🙂

JayeWisdom, I actually have a t-shirt that I purchased on the Put up Workplace and it has a 29 cent stamp design on it – so you must know that one is paper skinny from years of washing. Good thing the sheer T-shirt is well-liked. Not anymore? Cling on to it, it’s going to come back in type. Certainly one of mine has a smiley face on it that says, “Have a nice day!” That is sure to return again sometime. But, such as you, I want the solid colour ones without any message. I don’t like it when people try to read my shirt and I am wearing it.

I will bet your dog never complains about your outfits. Mine do not both, but the folks from “What To not Wear” have threatened to come clear out my closet.

Dzy Ms., There is just not sufficient house in the home to cling up all of the hubby’s t shirts. His drawers are overflowing as it’s with outdated clothes that no longer fit. (“Do not throw it away. I’ve had that for the reason that seventh grade!”) In addition to, he never opens the drawers so I stack them on the shelves in his closet, arranged color coordinated, in fact. (Arrggh! Calgon, take me away….)

Stephanie, It appears like we have both spent method a lot time in the laundry room smelling the detergent. I am unable to help myself. If the edges do not line up, I have been identified to refold the shirt. Oh my, this is actually sick. I even prefer to match the socks. Time for some liquid therapy…

Jaye Denman 3 years in the past from Deep South, USA

I essentially fold them the best way you instructed, but I am not ‘fanatical’ about lining up the sides. ‘Good enough’ will do for me. Then I stack them on shelves in my closet. Folding clothes is a chore to be finished rapidly and gotten out of the way in which so I can do something extra important.

Since I retired, I live in tee shirts across the house, paired with the suitable weight and size of informal jeans or pants for the season/local weather. Many of the tees in my very large assortment are at least eight or 9 years previous. I reside alone (with my canine), so don’t have to worry about anyone trying to throw my previous tees away! I do not put on ‘message’ shirts, solely strong color vee-necks, and that i most likely have a minimum of one of every coloration offered–two or three of others.

My ‘vintage’ tee shirts have grow to be softer and more comfy with time. Some are slightly pale, but for probably the most half, they do not look bad. (Let’s put it this manner: no one’s complained about them to my face.) None are torn, and since I’ve never smoked, they haven’t got cigarette burn holes. All that lint that the first few washings left in the dryer is lengthy gone–a good thing, in my view.

I am unable to believe I just wrote this a lot about tee shirts!

Voted Up and Humorous


Liz Elias 3 years ago from Oakley, CA

LOL I fold shirts only roughly, lengthwise, fronts in, then in thirds, simply to fit them into the laundry basket for transport, then I hang them up within the closet. I haven’t got sufficient drawer area for our t-shirts! I save the drawers for bulky things like winter sweaters, that get bizarre knobs in the shoulders and stretch out of shape if hung.

Voted up and funny. My younger daughter follows your good friend’s example: the clothes are clear, this is the heap–pick what you wish to wear.

Stephanie Henkel three years ago from USA

Thanks for this humorous guide to folding t-shirts! I too have a hubby who’s inordinately attached to worn out, stained and ugly t-shirts. I have been know to tear them to pieces in entrance of his eyes in order that he won’t put on them once more! Such as you, I’m a little bit OCD about having t-shirts folded and lined up nicely. I even like to put the colours collectively! Sick, isn’t it? 🙂 Anyway, loved your hub and must attempt your technique of folding. Voted up and shared.

Hello Torrilynn. Some individuals fold clothes, others simply pile them and use as needed. Glad you stopped in to test this out.

torrilynn three years ago

Fascinating hub I find that folding clothes will not be my cup of tea. Haha. Overall good hub.

Actually, Nell. How cool. I don’t go so far as ironing the T-shirts but I do take them out while they’re nonetheless hot to keep away from creases. Possibly I am going to think about getting some plastic covers. hahaha. Probably not. Thanks for the remark and votes. Nice to see you.

Nell Rose three years ago from England

Hi Peg, I remember doing this when i labored for a clothes Rent Firm, which also offered and hired fancy dress costumes, I remember it properly! lol! I had to iron them, fold them a certain manner and then put them within the plastic covers, I are likely to do it at home now too! lol! great hub, voted up!

Howdy Michael J. Nolan. It could also be on the border of OCD, that’s for sure, but what’s flawed with that? I throw out plastic ware that has mold fairly than open it up. Too gross.

Michael J.Nolan 3 years ago from Carbondale, Illinois

I fold towels this fashion too. My spouse thinks it is obsessive. Also, when I was in school my roommates and i piled soiled dishes within the sink the place they remained for over a month. I know, ewww. Once we moved out of that condo we threw them within the trash quite than wash them.

AuthorPeg Cole 3 years ago from Dallas, Texas

Hi Moonlake. Thanks. I’ve been within the habit of folding them this way so lengthy, that it takes more work to do the clothes a distinct approach. Hahah. Disposable clothes – a wave for the future I suppose. We’ll just recycle and trash them after use.

moonlake three years in the past from America

Your laudry seems to be very good. The t-shirt folding is exactly the best way my daughter folds her clothes. I do my different however your proper fold while heat out of the dryer. I had to chortle concerning the “we just throw our clothes out after every use.” I knew a lady so lazy about doing laundry she would try this. Voted up ..

JPSO138 four years ago from Cebu, Philippines, International

I am by no means really good at folding my clothes and the factor is I travel loads. This is the reason i discovered your hub very useful. Thanks for this hub and keep them coming.

Hi Pamela99, It should be genetic as I remember even ironing handkerchiefs as a pre-teen. Thanks for dropping by and for the considerate feedback.

Hi Martie! Thank you so much for the go to and comments. I admire your highly complimentary phrases.

Pamela Oglesby 4 years in the past from United States

I am particular about having clothes folded additionally. I like the way in which you fold the T-shirts. Your instructions are glorious.

Martie Coetser 4 years in the past from South Africa

Excellent directions! I’ve never tried to fold them ON the washing machine. What an ideal concept. Thanks, Peg, your instructions for folding a T-shirt can be followed 🙂

Hey Drbj. Thanks for the visit and type phrases. Wow, I’d be honored for you to hyperlink to this hub. And I’ll lookup yours and if you do not thoughts, link back to your hub. Thanks a lot!

Hi there Mythbuster. Thanks for watching the video and for dropping in to read this laundry day the best way to hub. Glad you liked the Incredible’s video. It’s certainly one of my favourite clips from the film. Nice to see you.

Hi Mary, What a beautiful comment! Nah. My hubby will not learn this one either, that’s for certain. You made my day with the Girl’s Day journal half. That was really nice of you. Thanks for the votes and the visit.

Hi Mike Robbers, Glad I may share this with T Shirt data-mercial with you. There really is not a right way to fold shirts. I am positive your technique works just effective. Whatever gets the job completed. Good to see you right here at the moment.

Robie2, That is funny – a shirt folding drawback. Mine is ongoing.

Hello Robie2. Sorry for the delay in answering your candy remark. I spent the day making Lasagne and Manicotti. (Future hubs) I like “Put Another Log on the Hearth,” too. It makes me giggle. Thanks a lot for the thumbs up!

Properly Hello, James. Nationwide Audubon Society shirts with eagles sounds nice. It could determine that in your climate a turtleneck shirt could be welcomed. Thanks for stopping by on this one, SubRon7. Glad you found it humorous.

drbj and sherry four years in the past from south Florida

Very intelligent and really funny as properly, Peg. I once realized how one can fold a dollar invoice so it seems like a shirt. However I never knew before the right way to fold a tee shirt completely. Now due to you, I do.

A while ago I wrote, ‘Historical past of Tshirts and tshirts and Tees.’ Could I hyperlink it to your hub?

mythbuster four years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

Enjoyed the “Where is my supersuit?” clip, along with the easy to observe directions for folding T-Shirts like the professionals.

Mary Craig four years ago from New York

Now that’s a great thought for a hub! The only problem is getting my husband to learn it 😉 His thought of folding a tee shirt is grabbing the 2 sleeves and folding!! Possibly we could embrace this entertaining hub with males’s tee shirts, that manner they might learn it after they buy their tee shirts? Well, a girl can dream. (You might promote this to Lady’s Day.)

Voted up, useful, humorous, awesome, and fascinating.

Mike Robbers four years ago from London

Very useful and practical Peg,it may seems a straightforward thing for some individuals to do however I always did that job wrong!!!

I am especially loving the seven step program of shirt folding, as a result of I have a real shirt folding problem LOL

Roberta Kyle four years in the past from Central New Jersey

Now That is what I name useful data with a dash of enjoyable to make it extra enjoyable…. Bravo Peg. Oh, and Put Another Go online the Fireplace is one among my alltime personal favorites so I liked seeing it right here… to fold Tee shirts by LOL All in all simply an awesome read crammed with good, useable information. Thumbs up up up

James W. Nelson four years in the past from japanese North Dakota

Hello Peg, I didn’t really care to learn to fold a T-shirt, but I knew this hub coming from you would be funny, and it was. Thank you.

Since getting out of the navy I do not put on T-shirts. Just as soon as I did, after getting the present from a girl I met at a National Audubon Society outing on the bald eagle analysis center in north central MN. She gave me a green T-shirt with an eagle on the entrance. It mentioned, “Bald is beautiful.” At the time I wasn’t fairly bald, however effectively on my method. I wore it simply as soon as, only for her.

In the cold season I put on turtlenecks and that i “do” fold them, instantly, and really similar to the way you described.

Thanks for another nice and humorous hub, Peg!

Frank! Nice to see you. Sure, surprisingly, a folded pile permits extra room than a crumpled pile of clothes. And way much less ironing. Drawer area is always at a premium.

How candy, Becky. It takes rather a lot to regain the belief of those that’ve been abused. How can folks treat their canines and their children like that? It boggles the mind. They actually like to please if people would simply give them a chance. We had one like that when we first moved out right here – a Chow combine. She turned out to be loving and obedient and a good sister to the other canine.

Hiya FlourishA, Tidy is a good thing. I like your identify for T Shirts which have overstayed their welcome – Teniers. Hmmm. Good one. I have a few of those which I simply can’t appear to quit, too. They’re well hidden.

Frank Atanacio 4 years ago from Shelton

peg, a very helpful hub.. folding tee offers me extra room in the drawers too great share

Yes Peg. My daughter wanted a bit dog, so we obtained this little monster. She was not nicely beloved and never trained much at her earlier residence. She is about three years old and is learning the best way to behave higher. I do not suppose they trained her, they only hit her. She is learning to trust us now.

FlourishAnyway four years ago from USA

Peg, Great hub. Folding them like this makes me feel very tidy. They appear so good all stacked up neatly. I’m a perfectionist too and love doing issues the “proper” manner. I like your instructions on trash day and disposing of Teniers which have overstayed their welcome.

Hello Ruby,

So good to see you once more. Elvis rocks and I’ve T Shirts from the darkish ages. One is from the Publish Office when stamps were really cheap. Thanks for the great remark and for watching the movies.

Becky, I’ve a barkaholic who’s practically 14 now and she can actually get happening the barking. Is this a new one plus the original Rufus? We call it inside voice, too. Cookie only is aware of outside voice. And when there’s a train whistle, she howls.

Ruby Jean Fuller 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

Peg, folding t-shirts is just not considered one of my favotite issues to do, however you make it sound like fun. I have to confess, i share your OCD, perfection is a curse! I have an Elvis shirt that i treasure, bought the day after he died, no amount of money could purchase it. Enjoyable and useful hub, liked both videos, esp. The Incredibles…

Peg, the new canine is a yorkie combine and her voice is so excessive pitched, we all wince when she barks. We have gotten her principally skilled to only growl now and that’s so cute. Indoor voice is what our daughter is calling it.

We had to sign for it at the moment, the one last week that we didn’t need to sign for, was put within the display door of the home subsequent door, where nobody lives. It took two days and calling fedex, to seek out it. They’d to come out and assist me search for it.

This dryer works good, it just retains operating and working though. Have to recollect to check on it every so often.

Hey Becky. That final video is one among my favs from the movie “The Incredibles” which is hysterically humorous. We love the animated movies and that one is one we watch time and again. Yep, I can relate to Dennis’ t shirt factor and recently went in and organized J’s closet. My OCD is going overboard these days but the closet looks like an Outdated Navy store now. He knows higher than to mess issues up.

I had a dryer like that before this new one which I despise. I wish I had my old one back and the washer too. This new one ties all of the clothes right into a tight knot that takes Superwoman to untangle.

We had a supply from the UPS man at this time, too. He left a package deal on the porch and the dogs went absolutely wild.

Becky Katz 4 years ago from Hereford, AZ

I am giggling in regards to the last video. Really gratifying hub. I don’t fold Dennis’ t-shirts like that. He simply unfolds until he will get to the one he wants after which shoves them all down to close the drawer anyway. Katy does her own laundry and she goes the strategy of your cousin. She shoves them all in her basket and runs off to the bedroom with it whereas I’m yelling to fold them and put them away.

The buzzer on my dryer never goes off because the timer is broken and it by no means shuts off unless I open the door. Thank God as a result of my canines would bark at it too and I don’t need any extra chaos going on. I bought woken up this morning by the Fedex guy knocking and the dogs barking. The package deal wasn’t imagined to be delivered until about noon. Of course, he got here several hours early. Never happens if you find yourself anxious for it to be early.

Mck, you might be in rare type tonight together with your double entendres and your phrases that have two meanings too. Excessive octane is totally apropos to doing dirty laundry. Obtained a match? (Not since Superman.) groan back at ya.

My pricey Mar! Oh! That section 2 can get you in trouble typically. I run for the buzzer too, as a result of the canines start barking and will not cease till I’ve completed folding. They do that when I am on the phone too. It helps to do away with the telemarketers, however… I do love your dirty little secrets and techniques. Seems like a fantastic guide title. Love u 2

mckbirdbks four years ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas

Peg, I find this hub, neat, clean and tidy, however nothing pressing. (groan) Your sense of humor is running on high octane with this one. Sending this off to Tweet Land. That last video is humorous.

Maria Jordan 4 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

OMG, I wanted a superb home diva guffaw, Sista Peg!

We’re on the identical fold with all recommended snippets and steps…with one exception. I do Phase 2 sometimes when the previous man is actually carrying the tee shirt…oops, TMI?!

I run for the buzzer and love the feel of warm laundry…Okay, that is enough of my soiled little secrets…you could do a collection, significantly…and have a heat and cozy night. Love, Maria

BillyB. I think that is why the hubster has by no means learned to function the vacuum cleaner although he can rebuild a excessive efficiency racing engine. He has bother with the operation of the sponge as well. Go determine?

AuthorPeg Cole four years in the past from Dallas, Texas

Hi Wabash Annie. It is not for everybody so take it sluggish. JK. Thanks for the praise and for the visit.

Invoice Holland four years in the past from Olympia, WA

I actually realized how to do this for a job I had in a sporting items store a few years ago. I can fold higher than Bev, which is not a good i put the hot in psychotic thing as a result of now I fold all of the clothes. LOL Good options.

wabash annie 4 years in the past from Colorado Entrance Range

Excellent strategies. Thanks for sharing … must try the t-shirt folding.

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