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When the WiiU got here out with The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Warriors game, I determined I was going to make my son the awesome scarf that Hyperlink wore. I bought some fabric, but I never received past that point. Sure, youngsters like to play dress up, however this scarf would be too awesome to not put on it outdoors. The one drawback is that the weather here isn’t chilly enough to warrant sporting a scarf. So saith I. The idea was placed on the back burner. My greatest buddy got me on the idea of creating tote luggage for my kids…yeah, my kids…/cough cough. I made some My Little Pony luggage to match a skirt that I had made my daughter. Then my son needed to have a Minecraft bag. Which I made reversible with hidden pockets. As I’m writing this weblog, I realize where my children get their need to at all times “one up” one another. My husband’s aspect. Yeah, right… I believe not.

Anyway, I was sitting around considering of what my next undertaking could be. What can be better than MLP and Minecraft? Link and the Triforce… duh. Let me tell you what, my brain was going loopy with ideas. How might I pull this off? Essentially the most superior bag ever?

(A little bit side story) I bought this wild thought about a yr ago to make my own couch covers. They’re expensive and each couch is made in another way, so I researched online and located that heaps of individuals had been making them from canvas drop cloths. I received fortunate. Home Depot was selling a promotional 2 pack of drop cloths for the value of one. I additionally topped that by using a Harbor Freight competitor coupon. Score. I washed and dried them, to prevent any further shrinking. I began cutting and pinning the first sofa cowl. Now, the great part. My husband got here residence from work, checked out my work, and mentioned “No”. (politely, after all) Scratch that complete thought. The minimize up fabric acquired folded up and tossed right into a bag. End of facet story.

Ding, Ding, Ding… mild bulb! A painted canvas tote bag, FTW!

First, I had to determine what dimension bag I wanted to make. I wished it to be greater than the MLP baggage, but smaller than the Minecraft bag. Second, I had already discovered the clipart I needed to make use of, from when I believed I needed to make a scarf. I imported the clipart into my Silhouette Cameo program, sized it to suit the bag, and then reduce it out on freezer paper. Let me just say that peeling freezer paper off of that sticky mat tried my patience. Lastly, after measuring the location of the graphic, I ironed the stenciled freezer paper onto the fabric.

So, a few notes about freezer paper I’ve learned. I reduce the freezer paper each shiny side up and shiny side down with my Silhouette. I preferred the shiny side up, however I really didn’t see a dramatic difference. I want there was a setting for freezer paper, however if you happen to don’t use your individual customized setting, the closest one can be Washi Paper. After i ironed the freezer paper, I set my iron round 4 and no steam. (I’d set the iron to be the identical as the material getting used.) At first, I believed it was going to be onerous to iron down pen customization the rolled up mess, however when you begin from one aspect and work your approach to the other, it should work just high-quality. I don’t recommend beginning from the middle. It’s kind of like pushing air out of a sandwich bag. You begin from the bottom and work your way to the zipper top. Once you get the paper ironed down, you can go back and press down any questionable spots. As soon as that paper is ironed down, it’s down.

Painting the fabric was enjoyable. I had to use two totally different manufacturers of paint, because of shade decisions. The crimson and orange were Martha Stewart satin acrylic. The yellow was Craft Sensible acrylic paint. I additionally used Martha Stewart’s Fabric Medium. (All paints had been bought at Michael’s with a coupon). The Martha Stewart paints had been thick, but with the fabric medium they thinned out. The Craft Sensible paint was already skinny, so I only needed just a few drops of the fabric medium. If you’re using totally different colours and they are shut to each other, here’s a trick that I used. I took a submit-it and positioned it over the spot where the yellow triforce symbol was going to be painted. That approach I wouldn’t by accident get pink paint on the yellow triforce spot. Before you begin to paint, be sure that you set a bit of cardboard underneath the fabric, for the paint does seep by means of. First, I began with the crimson paint and did all the pink areas. Second, I painted the orange. Lastly, I did the yellow. When painting each coloration, I painted the area after which went again and did a light second coat and made positive that I didn’t miss any spots. Now, I just wanted to clean up the mess and wait 24 hours for the paint to dry. The subsequent day, I peeled off the freezer. I used a straight pin to assist choose up any caught pieces. There have been a couple of spots that bled just a little more then I had preferred, however I think it turned out nice for my first attempt. I now have to heat set the paint. I grabbed an outdated bed sheet that I’ve been cutting up for scrap fabric, placed it beneath and on high of the painted fabric, and heat set the paint with my iron. Using the setting for the fabric and no steam, I moved the iron back and forth for about three minutes and then flipped the fabric over and ironed it once more for one more three minutes. I am glad that I had the sheet over/under the fabric for the yellow paint barely lifted off. When i say lifted off, I don’t mean that the paint got here off. After i seemed on the sheet, I could see a really faint impression from the yellow paint.

Before I began sewing the pieces collectively, I decided I ought to probably Scotch Guard what might be the underside of the bag. I laid down some newspaper, put the primary fabric proper facet up, after which positioned two pieces of newspaper over the painted components leaving a couple of three inch strip. I sprayed the fabric and shortly eliminated the newspaper, because I didn’t want the ink from the newspaper to bleed onto the fabric. I put the fabric in front of a mini fan for about 5 minutes and it dried tremendous fast.

One of the issues I love about tote bags like this one is you may make it reversible. As long as you select the correct lining fabric, it can be completed. If you will make it reversible and add a pocket, make sure that you measure the place the pocket goes accurately. If you happen to add gussets to the underside, as I have, you wish to just be sure you don’t sew the pocket on too low. Also, you don’t want to put the pocket too high, as a result of items might fall out of the pocket and worse…out of the bag.

Time to sew… I made the straps and sewed on the pocket to the lining. Then, I pieced all the pieces together and sewed it all up. One factor I will mention about working with canvas drop cloth is the edges unravel if you are not cautious. I would recommend sewing a small zig zag stitch along the sting or surge, if in case you have one. An important half about making your sewing tasks look professional is to ensure you utilize your iron. When you look at sewing blogs, the most repeated factor I learn is about urgent your seams and ironing. It is a crucial step, so do it. Simply saying.

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p.s. After doing a bit of research, the very best tutorial I discovered is by Amy at Diary of a Quilter. Her website is nice. She makes it simple and straightforward to grasp. You may modify the measurements and steps to suit your needs, if you understand your means around a sewing machine.

*The Legend of Zelda, Triforce image, N64, and WiiU are all trademarked by Nintendo. My Little Pony is trademarked by Hasbro. Minecraft is trademarked by Mojang & Microsoft.

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