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All the pieces You have to Know about Mens Silver Necklaces

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All the pieces It’s good to Know about Mens Silver Necklaces
Updated on October 7, 2015 Pixelrage LM moreContact Author Want a crash course in selecting the best mens silver necklace for somebody…or yourself?

Make the best choice by knowing price-affecting features like width, length and high quality. Get to know what silver alternate options are out there, as well as almost a dozen standard chain design patterns.

This guide to men’s silver necklaces is a comply with-up to my silver jewelry information, referenced in this useful resource.

Lightweight and comfortable to put on: polished silver necklaces look an identical to white gold to the untrained eye. Obtainable in a wide variety of different kinds, they’re going to survive any climate or aspect you are in. There are a number of silver alternate options, but are they price it? Let’s overview:

Necklace Length
The “size” of a necklace is defined as the length from the very tip of the clasp to the very reverse end of the necklace (yes, the clasp itself is included!)

The first consideration in selecting a mens necklace is to determine on its size, which has every little thing to do with the wearer’s fashion. Will the necklace be worn under or over a shirt? The length you weed tees choose will finally resolve! Here are some pointers:

18″ – On an grownup, a necklace of this size can be considered a “choker necklace,” extending perhaps an inch or so beneath the adam’s apple. It could be uncomfortable in some circumstances, but is a decent dimension for adolescents.

20″ – A necklace of this size is likely one of the more commonly seen lengths. It is a short size that can attain right down to the clavicle bone (the highest-most portion of your ribs) and is typically hid beneath a shirt. It might fall between the first and 2nd button of a button-down shirt.

22″ – A size proper in the midst of the vary. It can be worn under or over the shirt, with or with out a pendant. It’s simply barely hid below the 2nd button of a button-down shirt.

24″ – Necklaces of this size are typically bought to be worn outdoors of shirts. They prolong all the way down to the middle of the sternum, with or and not using a pendant.

30″ – This is the longest normal-measurement necklace you will find on the market – it was made to be worn outside of a shirt with out a pendant of any sort.

Cannot Resolve On Length?
There is a easy answer – get a ruler or tape measure, and reduce a bit of string to the exact length you’re considering. Wear the string, and it will provide you with an idea of how the chain falls when worn.

Necklace Width
The second largest determinant of a silver necklace’s cost is its width. To measure out how wide a necklace could be, simply lay it over a ruler with a millimeter scale on it and rely the tickmarks.

On the appropriate: A 7mm mens silver necklace.

Wider necklaces are extra noticeable from a distance. Generally, a 1-2mm necklace is as large as a strand of spaghetti. A 5-6mm necklace is about as huge as a pencil.

Silver Alternatives
Silver Necklaces vs. White Gold Necklaces
White gold is simply gold combined with nickel (or in some cases, palladium or manganese) and its purity is measured in karats, as are all gold products. Whereas white gold is a mixture, it is also plated with rhodium in some circumstances.

Silver chain (left), White Gold chain (right)

There may be one truth you will want to take note of: there is no such factor as 24k white gold. White gold is a mixture; gold only exists in its well-known “yellow” colour.

Why Select White Gold?

In essence, the selection between a silver necklace or a white gold one is purely of desire or status image. In many cases, a .925 sterling silver necklace can cost weed tees as a lot as a 10k white gold necklace (be aware, this is a low karat as 10k = 41.6% gold) and look identical in coloration.

Gold “Allergies”

Some individuals exhibit “gold allergies” with jewelry beneath 14k (in some excessive cases, under 18k). This allergy is definitely as a consequence of nickel, not gold, and could cause itching, rashes, swelling and burning, and it ought to be a consideration before buying anything made from white gold.

White Gold In Low Karats

The higher the karat of white gold, the more “yellow” tinted it will seem. If you want to own a white gold necklace that’s silver in look, it will have to be a low karat – which in essence is a “cheaper” product. This is the reason rhodium plating has become so popular with white gold jewellery – it masks the “yellowness” and makes the jewelry seem more “silver,” although the actual gold lies masked underneath the plating.

White gold is all the time “decrease karat gold.” It appears to be like practically identical to silver to the un-educated eye, however prices way more. Nonetheless, it does not tarnish like silver does.

Silver Necklaces vs. Stainless Steel Necklaces
Stainless steel is a mixture of steel (which is generally iron) and chromium, a high sharpening steel that’s popularly often known as “chrome.” It is not stain proof, however simply doesn’t stain or corrode to the extent that pure steel does.

Silver chain (left), Stainless Steel chain (proper)

A separate type often called “surgical stainless steel” also contains nickel and molybdenum, however shouldn’t be generally used for jewelry.

Why Choose Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel necklaces are far less expensive than silver necklaces, as they are made from a less precious materials. Upon first look, one can tell the difference between stainless steel and silver resulting from a substantial difference in the shiny luster, luminance and deeper, darker tones of steel.

Low Maintenance

As with the decision between gold or silver, the choice between silver or stainless steel can also be subjective and relies upon if the wearer would prefer something extra rich looking (equivalent to silver) or extra shiny, polished and reflective (such as stainless steel). Stainless steel doesn’t require common sprucing as silver does; nonetheless, polishing a silver necklace is barely a chore that takes greater than a minute.

Stainless steel is visibly “darker” than silver, and has a high gloss finish. It’s significantly inexpensive than silver and is low upkeep. Not like with silver or gold, stainless steel jewelry will not be purchased for both trend and funding purposes.

Silver Necklaces vs. Titanium Necklaces
You might have heard of titanium earlier than; it is a metal that has one of the strongest strength to weight ratios on earth, a high melting point, and can also be corrosion proof. It’s a favourite metallic for making firearm cylinders.

Silver chain (left), Titanium chain (proper)

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Titanium is pricier than stainless steel, however often not as a lot as sterling silver. It’s mild weight, and will fare nicely in salt or chlorine-laden water.

Why Select Titanium?

This metal is a good choice for these who have gold allergies, or are adverse to buying a silver necklace and having to polish it recurrently. Like steel, Titanium is low upkeep and retains a glossy look. It’s the next high quality steel than steel, as properly.

The appearance of Titanium

Titanium has more of an aluminum-reminiscent look, rather than silver. It’s darker, and with a more dull shade. Titanium is an effective consideration vs. stainless steel necklaces, as each of these metals are more comparable in look, with Titanium costing far more.

One of the more unusual properties of Titanium is that it can be colorized by the producer by a course of known as anodizing. It is not unusual to see colored Titanium products available on the market, akin to bicycle frames, carabiners and physique jewelry.


Titanium is costlier than steel, but still seems much less “wealthy” as in comparison with sterling silver. It is a extremely durable metallic used in lots of different business applications, and will also be present in jewelry similar to necklaces and rings. Selecting Titanium is a personal choice for a low maintenance product.

Necklace Styles
Figaro Chain
Figaro chain is maybe the mostly bought and purchased style of mens silver chains and bracelets, and is a very popular, globally-recognized traditional Italian design. It has a distinctive three/1 sample of smaller links connected to one larger oval link.

Curb Chain
The second most popular necklace sample. It’s also referred to as “Cuban chain.” The sample consists of a collection of uniformly-shaped, grooved links.

Box Chain
Heavy and solid wanting, the ‘field chain’ sample is made up of completely square hyperlinks that interchange with each other. Its made to be worn and not using a pendant.

Rope Chain
Rope chains have braided, weaved hyperlinks that give a really distinctive, vintage appearance. Attributable to their intricate composition, they’re extraordinarily durable.

Byzantine Chain
The Byzantine sample is sophisticated looking, and nearly much like a bicycle chain. They traditionally have black oxidization accents throughout the links for a richer look.

Wheat Hyperlink
Named for having the identical sample of the spikelets at the top of a stalk of wheat, this chain sort seemingly by no means goes out of style. As with rope chain, t’s widespread in hip hop jewelry.

A traditional “old style Italian” necklace fashion. Herringbone chains are patterned like a herring fish skeleton. It is a traditional boardwalk sample, too. It’s smooth to the touch, and unimaginable to bend.

This sample seems to be like a conglomerate of corn kernels, therefore its identify. It’s used more extensively with out pendants, and is more difficult to search out than most other necklace patterns.

Ball Chain
The widely recognizable chain used for army dog tags. An alternate model known as “ball bar chain” alternates a ball with a rounded bar all through the sample.

What’s your favorite necklace model?


Field Chain




Wheat Link



Ball Chain

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